Last Monday, I was sitting in my Humanities class discussing the similarities between a story in the Arabian Nights and a theme in an old Chinese legend, when suddenly sheets of white started falling outside the window. I stepped out of the Social Sciences building to see the world covered in cotton candy. The first snow at UChicago was more than reason enough for the whole campus to be out and celebrating, taking pictures, and watching snowflakes fly by.

Student Life At University Of Chicago-2

But unlike the excitement of snow, which both literally and figuratively melts fast, the excitement of my first quarter at the College has shown no signs of lessening. A prospective economics major, I jumped right in with an Introduction to Microeconomics class, accompanied by a Humanities class about Readings in different Cultures, and Calculus to complete this heady mix. Professor Sanderson, my economics professor makes his class the most interesting hours of my week by discussing with us the economics behind everything from a football game to seatbelt laws. In addition to this, the Model UN team keeps me happily occupied throughout the week with practice, committee meetings, and sessions for us all to bond. Between classes, the beautiful Harper Memorial Library is my nirvana, where I catch up on homework, nap, or just grab a coffee with a friend.

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At the end of a busy day, I return to my house, which is like my family away from family. I go with them for plays and operas, and midnight milkshake study breaks! Over the weekend, taking the short bus ride to the magical place that is downtown Chicago is always an option, if you can tear yourself away from the numerous events on-campus. In short, there’s never a dull moment at UChicago!