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Chat GPT’s college admission essay made these 5 common mistakes

With the rising prevalence of AI in the education sector, admissions officers are becoming more and more sensitised to identifying AI-generated content. Here’s a list of mistakes Chat Gpt made while writing the Common App essay.   Mistake #1: The essay tells rather than shows. The essays written by chat GPT are often repetitive and […]

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Alumni Spotlight – Rishab Srivastava

Rishab graduated with a double major in Computer Science and Economics from the University of California, Berkeley and is currently working as an investment engineer at Bridgewater Associates. Here’s a glimpse into his college experience.   What did you end up studying? What stood out for you in the US education system? My deep passion […]

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Demystifying the AP exams

What are AP exams? AP or Advanced Placement exams are college-level exams offered to high school students by CollegeBoard. These exams evaluate students’ understanding of college-level courses and are taken after completing a corresponding AP course. Moreover, these exams are available for subjects ranging from Math to History to foreign languages.  What are the benefits […]

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What are Hidden Ivies?

Hidden Ivies refer to a group of prestigious colleges and universities in the United States that provide an education comparable in quality to the Ivy Leagues, but are not a part of the eight traditional Ivy League schools. These institutions often have smaller student bodies, a strong emphasis on liberal arts education, and offer a […]

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Alumni Spotlight – Anav Vedi

Anav Vedi, currently working as an Associate at Invest India, graduated from Duke University with a double major in Economics and Psychology, along with a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a minor in English. Here is a glimpse into his college experience:  Why study abroad? “The US education landscape and its remarkable liberal arts […]

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