Nipun Agarwal

I am grateful to CollegeCore for their indispensable assistance with my college application, especially in getting into Brown University. The most enjoyable aspect of my experience was the counsellors’ customised advice and expertise (my grade 11 counsellor throughout the profile-building process, my grade 12 counsellor throughout my senior year and application work, Urvashi ma’am who always believed in me and especially the editorial team led by Smita ma’am for bringing out the best in my essays). In addition to demystifying the daunting application process, the personalised attention and insightful guidance I got gave me the confidence to portray the best version of myself to colleges.
Unlike several other counselling services my friends join, the CollegeCore team always pushed me to test my limits, whether academically or in extracurriculars. I remember applying for the Head Boy position in school even though I wasn’t confident, only because the team pushed me to and eventually ended up being elected. Moreover, the team was just a call away, no matter the time of the day and was never shy to help, creating a very friendly and safe environment and genuinely bonding with the student and the family.

Nipun Agarwal, The International School Bangalore
Brown University, Class of 2028

Sahira Taneja

I joined CollegeCore in Grade 11 and I’ve truly loved and cherished the whole process. The team planned out my two years so well, each step was pre-planned and brown down into smaller tasks. Applying abroad can be pretty overwhelming, however, with the constant support from the team I managed well and am so grateful to all of you!! My grade 12 counsellor would always instil confidence and positivity in me, thank you ma’am for being honest and patient with me always! Urvashi ma’am was a great mentor! And my Grade 11 counsellor was always ready to help, pushed me out of my comfort zone and motivated me to do better to achieve my goals; and lastly my essays were edited so magically. A big thank you to you all for understanding me and helping me create my application as personalised as possible, the application process not only helped me grow but also helped me know myself better. Even though I didn’t have the best SAT score, grades or extracurriculars, you all went above and beyond to work with me and ensure that I stood out amongst the other applicants. I was also not convinced that I would get a college acceptance from my dream school but my grade 12 counsellor always motivated me and made me believe in myself. Thank you so much College Core. I’ll miss you all a lot and can’t wait to see you all soon!

Sahira Taneja, Suncity School Gurgaon
Northeastern University, Class of 2028

Parent of Yuvan Goenka

My entire application process was made so much easier with the timeline charted out to complete all the activities and to build the profile. The constant reminders were also very helpful. My grade 12 counsellor was extremely patient and always there to guide and answer any query at any given point.
Sharing the joy of a dream college acceptance with CollegeCore was beautiful! It showed me they felt what I felt!

Parent of Yuvan Goenka, Step by Step School
Tufts University, Class of 2028

Manav Johar

The application was not a walk in the park – especially with US Colleges. What I liked most about CollegeCore was obviously how they tailored my experiences to include all aspects of my interests and surround it around the theme of water and community, but also how they encouraged me throughout the process. The start of the process was quite rough for me but every time, I had my personal cheerleaders – my counsellors, to pick me up and say – ‘hey you got this’. This not only kept my morale up but helped me achieve my dream of studying at a top university – known for my major and allowed for major flexibility which is what I was looking for.
A wow moment was how my counsellor reacted when I kept switching my majors and my country of choice. Probably the most indecisive person the team has worked with, I kept oscillating between US and UK, and how my counsellor got on a call – no matter what time or day it was to tend to my indecisiveness. The way the team dealt with and accommodated my experience during the application process was fabulous. Adding on, the way they helped me focus my activities around a theme was magical – bringing out my love for the water, while also showing major specific attributes.

Manav Johar, Woodstock School Mussoorie
University of Washington, Class of 2028

Nishita Popli

I valued how my counsellors both were so involved and helped me navigate the entire process of and before the application because it can be very overwhelming more often than not. They managed to guide me through it all with seamless ease but also let me learn from the process rather than spoon-feed me, which of course will help me through university and after.

Nishita Popli, Delhi Public School
Boston University, Class of 2028

Pari Mehrotra

I loved how the entire application process was set with deadlines and a timeline. CollegeCore helped me from the first step of deciding on a major till the last step of getting into a good university. The application process and the depth of profile building wowed me!

Pari Mehrotra, The Millenium School
Boston University, Class of 2028

Anvi Chopra

My counsellor at CollegeCore was always a message or call away, so the communication was very efficient. They were always very supportive and motivating even if something did not go as planned. I was never behind schedule as the process was well-planned and the team was very proactive.

Anvi Chopra, The International School Bangalore
Boston University, Class of 2028

Aditya Dixit

My experience with CollegeCore introduced me to the intricacies of the admission process of US universities, thus CollegeCore helped me with my goal of getting exposure to different procedures in the USA.
I was blown away by the accuracy of the predictions of the CollegeCore team in determining the possible acceptances I would receive from US universities is amazing and tells about their experience and familiarity with colleges.

Aditya Dixit, Seth M.R. Jaipuria School
University of Wisconsin and University of Wisconsin Madison, Class of 2028

Arnav Khemka

The thing I appreciated the most was the responsiveness of the team. I never felt that I wasn’t getting their time or that they were neglecting my applications. I always got timely replies to messages and emails. This helped me navigate through the complex procedures of CommonApp, leaving no room for errors. The timely follow-ups also ensured that the submissions were made well on time. I was never late with any deadlines regarding the submission of any of my applications.
My “wow” moment would be the timeline that was set. The fact that the timeline set by CollegeCore was extremely accurate and ensured the timely completion of all my applications, without pressuring me at all. It was the timeline that prevented me from getting overwhelmed during application season.

Arnav Khemka, The Doon School
Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2028

Shivani Arvind

I think my favorite part was having a support system to lean on through figuring out the next chapter of my life and having a space where I could discuss my goals along with all the essay discussions!

Shivani Arvind, Woodstock School Mussoorie
Parsons - The New School, Class of 2028

Sameeha Sood

I loved how time-efficient and streamlined the essay writing and overall application process was. The entire CollegeCore team was there to help make my application journey truly unique and successful. I knew I was getting personalised advice rather than generic advice. The team really understood me and the whole process felt a lot easier

Sameeha Sood, Step by Step School
University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2028

Aishani Dagar

CollegeCore’s meticulous planning, attention to detail, regular meetings and setting deadlines and most importantly, brainstorming and editing essay drafts have been key to achieving my goals. In addition to this, CollegeCore’s vast pool of resources has helped me do well in all standardised tests.
Conceptualising my initiative and executing the idea on various channels, offline as well as online, not only helped me explore my passion more but also gave me a clearer understanding on the level of work colleges require. It was a unique, self-sustaining model of e-cycling and reusing, something I wouldn’t have explored without CollegeCore’s help.

Aishani Dagar, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2028

Arjun Suri

Collegecore has helped me comprehensively plan and execute all the components of my application – from essays to extracurriculars – they’ve ensured I left no box unchecked. Despite being a serial procrastinator, my Counsellors at Collegecore helped me better organise myself and ensured that I crafted my best possible application.
The team’s personalised attention to my application was something I greatly appreciated and am thankful for – from weekly meetings to giving me multiple feedback on all of my essays, Collegecore has helped create the most compelling application I could. Whether to support me with applying to summer programs or writing LOCIs even after the admission cycle, Collegecore has always been a pillar of support I can rely on.

Arjun Suri, Step by Step School
Emory University, Class of 2028

Nysa Gaur

My experience with CollegeCore has been invaluable. They provided clarity on academic requirements, university options, and subject choices, allowing me to achieve my academic goals. Working closely with my counsellors, I explored extracurricular opportunities that enriched my high school experience and fostered personal development. The tailored support I received ensured a holistic application that showcased my experiences effectively to universities. Beyond academics, my counsellors were consistently supportive and motivating, making the entire journey memorable.

The most impactful moment was finalizing my essays and activities list. While working on my profile, I didn’t fully grasp the whole picture, but my counsellors and the editing team adeptly highlighted my strengths and experiences creatively and effectively.

Nysa Gaur, JESS Dubai
The Ohio State University, Class of 2028

Parent of Nysa Gaur

College Core has been an integral part of Nysa’s academic and co-curricular journey over the past four years. From identifying her interests to selecting subjects, their dedicated and knowledgeable mentors have played a crucial role. They provided tailored services, offering insightful advice on course selection, profile building, college lists, and essays, contributing to Nysa’s academic success and application strength.

Both mentors were exceptionally accommodating and readily available throughout the process, addressing concerns promptly. We are pleased with our experience and grateful for their guidance and support throughout Nysa’s academic journey and achievements.

As a parent, I had a “wow” moment when essay editors accommodated Nysa’s last-minute deadlines. Their timely response during moments of anxiety over late submissions was truly amazing.

Parent of Nysa Gaur, JESS Dubai
The Ohio State University, Class of 2028

Abhay Malik

The timelines and submission follow-up by the team greatly helped me get ahead on work and made the whole application process less daunting for me.
Once I realised that a strong application was much more than grades and a few extracurriculars, I understood CollegeCore’s dedication and passion to help me craft the best application I could.

Abhay Malik, ACS International Singapore
Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2028

Saksham Mittal

CollegeCore played a pivotal role in helping me secure admission to my dream universities. From the very beginning, my counselling team demonstrated so much dedication and expertise in guiding me through the college application process. Their extensive knowledge of the admissions process, with their genuine passion for helping students succeed, made them an invaluable resource throughout my journey. My counsellor’s guidance was not only limited to just helping with applications and meeting deadlines, but going above and beyond to understand my aspirations, strengths, and interests. She took the time to get to know me on a personal level, which allowed her to provide advice and recommendations that truly showcased my unique qualities. Throughout the entire process, her support and encouragement kept me motivated and confident, even during the most stressful times. She was always available to address my concerns and answer my questions. A very special thanks to the editorial team for doing a fabulous job editing all my essays.
To anyone seeking a college counsellor

Saksham Mittal, Brightlands School, Dehradun
University of Edinburgh, Class of 2027

Parent of Rishit Talwar

CollegeCore is a very organised, honest team. The entire team is extremely approachable and made us fee that someone who is a true well wisher and an industry was with us as parents.

Parent of Rishit Talwar, The Doon School Dehradun
Purdue University, Class of 2028

Ayan Gupta

The constant pushing by my counsellors at CollegeCore helped me grow and overcome procrastination, which ultimately made the application process much smoother and helped me get admitted to a great college.
The essay brainstorming session was a wow moment for me as it helped me know myself more and understand what qualities I need to focus on in college.

Ayan Gupta, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
University of Illinois, Urban Champaign, Class of 2028

Parent of Arnav Agarwal

We value the expert guidance provided by CollegeCore throughout the college application process. This includes assistance with essay writing, college selection, application strategy, and understanding admission requirements, CollegeCore allows students to focus more on academics, extracurriculars, and personal growth. This efficient use of time can led to better outcomes in the college admissions process for my son. Aarnav was unsure about which colleges to apply to, and we felt overwhelmed by the choices. CollegeCore’s counsellors stepped in with tailored advice, recommending schools that aligned with the Aarnav’s academic interests, career goals, and personal preferences. This guidance leads the student to discover colleges they hadn’t considered before, ultimately finding the perfect fit!

Parent of Arnav Agarwal, Singapore International School
University of Michigan, Class of 2028

Aditi Singh

CollegeCore was instrumental in shaping my journey towards my dream universities. Their supportive team went the extra mile to ensure my success. My counselors provided invaluable guidance, from selecting the right universities to crafting compelling application essays that highlighted my strengths. They introduced me to enriching competitions and activities that showcased my talents and commitment to academic excellence. Encouraging me to engage in extracurricular activities aligned with my interests, they provided invaluable guidance every step of the way. One standout instance was their facilitation of my involvement in the CS50 course, deepening my understanding of my field and bolstering my application to top universities like UCSD, UIUC, UC Davis, and the University of Washington.

Aditi Singh, Lotus Valley International School
University of California San Diego, Class of 2028

Parent of Abhay Malik

What stood out most about our experience with CollegeCore was their unwavering availability across time zones. Their support was invaluable in guiding my child through effective time management and meeting deadlines. They provided constant support through the highs and lows of my child’s college journey, ultimately helping them achieve their goals.

Our “wow” moment with CollegeCore was seeing our child confidently submit all assignments on time, a stark contrast to previous semesters. Witnessing this transformation reinforced our trust in CollegeCore’s expertise and support.

Parent of Abhay Malik, ACS International Singapore
Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2028