UK is a popular destination for students from India and why not! The UK and India may have had a difficult history fraught with conflict but there is immense familiarity in the education systems – three year programs, academic driven college decisions and education in English. But as is the case with most academic driven college decisions, competition is tough and so, we guide students as they apply to Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL and LSE, truly the best of the best universities. With only one application allowing you to apply to a maximum of five schools, every step of the application counts to secure the college of your dreams, so let CollegeCore guide you through it.

At a Glance

  • System for Application: Common Application (UCAS)
  • Duration of Undergraduate Degree: 3 years (may be 4 for certain colleges)
  • Style of Education: Restricts you to classes in your major.
  • Cost: Approximately 25-35 Lakhs p.a. all inclusive
  • Additional NotesUCAS Application form allows you to apply to 5 programs. It could be 5 different universities or 5 different programs in 1 or more universities. Can only apply to Oxford OR Cambridge, not both


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