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UK Vs US: Which is the right fit for you

Five Key Differences between US and UK Universities:   1. Application Process– The US education system lays emphasis on extracurriculars and standardized test scores such as the SAT or the ACT, whereas, UK universities prioritize academic performance and subject-specific tests such as UKCAT or BMAT. Moreover, students applying to the US need to submit additional […]

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What is a Liberal Arts College?

What are Liberal Arts? Liberal Arts refer to a study of a broad range of academic disciplines such as Humanities, Natural, and Social Sciences, that improve individuals’ knowledge and develop critical thinking, communication skills, problem-solving, and creativity. By enabling students to reflect on the in-depth meaning and value of associated ideas, a Liberal Arts education […]

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Building an Effective CV For College

Introduction- As a high-school student, we are sure you are excited for your college journey to begin. So, while you prepare by enrolling in extracurricular activities or working on your SAT scores, start crafting a standout resume summarising these experiences, skills, and achievements. The following tips can help you frame a result-oriented resume and increase […]

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Qualities of a Successful College Essay

Introduction- College essays are meant for admissions officers to get insights about the applicant beyond their academic record and test scores. It gives students a chance to articulate their passions, perspectives, and personality traits, and it allows the students to set themselves apart from other deserving applicants. The following key points can help you frame […]

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High School Junior Year: Things to Remember

Junior year is the busiest and the most important year in high school. A year of self-discovery, this year plays a significant role in strengthening students’ college applications. Junior high focuses on both academics and extra-curricular activities as it is the last full year of high school that the admission committees pay close attention to […]

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