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Chat GPT’s college admission essay made these 5 common mistakes

With the rising prevalence of AI in the education sector, admissions officers are becoming more and more sensitised to identifying AI-generated content. Here’s a list of mistakes Chat Gpt made while writing the Common App essay.   Mistake #1: The essay tells rather than shows. The essays written by chat GPT are often repetitive and […]

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What are Hidden Ivies?

Hidden Ivies refer to a group of prestigious colleges and universities in the United States that provide an education comparable in quality to the Ivy Leagues, but are not a part of the eight traditional Ivy League schools. These institutions often have smaller student bodies, a strong emphasis on liberal arts education, and offer a […]

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Alumni Spotlight – Anav Vedi

Anav Vedi, currently working as an Associate at Invest India, graduated from Duke University with a double major in Economics and Psychology, along with a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a minor in English. Here is a glimpse into his college experience:  Why study abroad? “The US education landscape and its remarkable liberal arts […]

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5 Qualities Ivy Leagues Find Irresistible

Beyond the conventional metrics of academic excellence and extra-curricular involvement, what makes you stand out to Ivy League colleges are your unique qualities that can have a positive impact on the university community and beyond. Here are five sought-after attributes that top colleges are looking for in students: Deep-seated passion- Universities are keen on identifying […]

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Importance of High School Research

As a high school student, writing a research paper might seem daunting, unfamiliar, and perhaps even unnecessary when considered along with the burden of schoolwork you might already have. However, here are five reasons high school research is incredibly important- 1. Develop Critical Thinking Skills Writing a research paper in high school is a fantastic […]

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