Juggling college essays, SAT and schoolwork all at the same time is extremely disconcerting. But the CollegeCore team put me at ease instantly. The application timelines, essay workshops and personalized feedback on essays, both CommonApp and college specific, made applying to colleges in the US seem easy.

For me, a genuine and honest application was most important and Urvashi ma’am supported me in every way possible even when it meant letting me rewrite my CommonApp essay just a week before the early application deadline!

CollegeCore helped me find the perfect universities and supported me to dream big and apply to 5 Ivy Leagues. I can now say for sure, without them I wouldn’t have been able to call Princeton University my home for the next four years!

I want to thank Urvashi ma’am, Charu ma’am, the editor and the whole team for all the effort, time and love they put into each application!