Soham Modi

Taking on the whole application process coming from a town like Chandigarh can be extremely overwhelming but Urvashi Ma’am and her team did a fantastic job in walking me through it. I’m extremely grateful for all their guidance in every section of the process that helped me get into my dream school – Wharton, UPenn.

Soham Modi, Strawberry Fields High School
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2027

Yash Kumar

Having joined CollegeCore in my senior year, I benefitted from the structured approach of the team with a carefully curated timeline of the entire year, right until my applications were submitted. The regular brainstorming sessions contributed heavily to my applications and college essays being above par. A key contributor to my success was also my counselors’ in-depth understanding of the admissions process and their availability during the entirety of it.

I was amazed by Ma’am’s regular recommendations and inputs for internships and camps that could help boost my profile.

Yash Kumar, St. Francis College
New York University, Class of 2027

Priyamvada Mehrotra

I was initially very confused regarding the application process for universities in the US and Canada, but the team at CollegeCore helped me clear all my doubts and made the entire process very smooth and convenient. The team was always present to help me out while brainstorming essay ideas or filling out some application documents, even if it was late at night. I felt comfortable approaching them for all and any guidance and am grateful for their support and dedication. They not only helped me build an impressive profile but also helped me list down the most suitable universities and were present throughout the application process. They were always there to push me out of my comfort zone and motivate me to do better to achieve my goals. Thank you to the entire team for their constant guidance and involvement.

Priyamvada Mehrotra, Mayo Girls' College, Ajmer
University of California, Los Angeles, Class of 2027

Adish Mittal

CollegeCore provided guided me while choosing a major, identifying potential career paths, and developing a plan for achieving academic and career goals. The personalized support and attention are unparalleled. CollegeCore has helped shape my application surrounding my interests which reflected my strengths most convincingly. The amount of work done by my counseling team is tremendous and they brought out the best in my application and the best in me. There was constant support and encouragement throughout the application process, which can be stressful and overwhelming for students. They not only helped me in getting into top universities in the US but also in the UK and Canada.

The hard work done by the team paid off when I received my acceptance letter from Georgia Tech in the major of my choice, Electrical Engineering. From the very beginning, they motivated me which was the key to my success.

Adish Mittal, The Doon School
Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2027

Aaryan Krishan Mehra

I am so thankful to Urvashi Ma’am and her team for the entire process. Being a lazy person, I used to avoid working unless the deadline was around. CollegeCore helped in keeping me on track and gave me great ideas for extracurriculars and projects. My wow moment was the Commonapp essay brainstorming session.

Aaryan Krishan Mehra, Apeejay School
Babson College, Class of 2027

Parent of Pranav Manoj

As a parent, I had many apprehensions at the beginning of the application process, since we started late, but CollegeCore simplified a seemingly daunting process of applying to a variety of universities. Urvashi Ma’am and her team carefully evaluated Pranav’s requirements and helped him plan and execute activities thus building a unique and impressive profile. They worked towards presenting his strengths in the best possible light and gently guided him to complete the requirements without being overbearing. The essay brainstorming sessions with the editorial team enabled him to portray his life experiences vividly in all his applications. His mentor was friendly and approachable throughout and would answer my phone calls and messages even at odd hours. The past few months were stressful but the guidance, insight, and support received from CollegeCore was invaluable. Once again a big thank you- Urvashi Ma’am and the entire team.

There were many wow moments but if I had to single out one, it would be strategizing Pranav’s Early Decision application keeping in mind his profile culminating in his admission acceptance by Rice University for his dream major.

Parent of Pranav Manoj, Amity International School
Rice University, Class of 2027

Jash Nanda

Throughout the application process, my counselors were very involved, and prompt, guided me every step of the way, and were always there for me. They made sure I stayed focused and motivated. I was amazed upon seeing how well my next two years were planned, each step of the application process was organized and broken down into smaller tasks.

Jash Nanda, Singapore International School
University of Illinois, Urban Champaign, Class of 2027

Ehsaas Madan

CollegeCore offered the warmth of a close friend while also providing the opportunities, motivation, and encouragement to bridge the gap between my aspirations and reality. My counselor is quite possibly the only person who is and has been, capable of actually getting me to get up and start. As someone who has and struggles with ADHD, starting tasks, and trying new things, especially maintaining and remaining consistent with certain initiatives felt like such a challenge. CollegeCore however, has given me the confidence of being able to accomplish goals through my independent efforts while also providing enough handholding to never feel lost. I never thought that I could be admitted into a top 25 College, a part of the New York Academy of Sciences, or start my non-profit STEM-Ed organization, etc, etc. These accomplishments have only been made possible through my journey with CollegeCore.

Ehsaas Madan, Sanskriti School
Emory University, Class of 2027

Aryaman Sharma

I recently had the pleasure of working with CollegeCore, and I am thoroughly impressed with their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to helping me achieve my goals. From the first consultation, they took the time to listen to my concerns and understand my needs and provided me with personalized guidance. The counselors were incredibly knowledgeable about the college application process and provided invaluable advice on everything from selecting the right schools to crafting compelling essays and applications. They were always available to answer my questions and made themselves easily accessible.


Perhaps most importantly, they helped me be confident and empowered throughout the application process. Thanks to their guidance, I was able to submit applications to several top-tier schools and was ultimately accepted into my dream program. I truly believe that I could not have achieved this without their help.

Aryaman Sharma, The Shriram Millennium School
Purdue University, Class of 2027

Badri Vinayak Mishra

Urvashi Ma’am and her team provided me with all the detailed information regarding the admission cycle and application. They not only helped me in enhancing my profile as per the subject requirement but also helped me choose the right university list. They allowed us to make informed decisions regarding colleges and helped me in getting the college of my dreams.

Badri Vinayak Mishra, Birla Vidya Niketan
University of California, Los Angeles, Class of 2027

Isha Garg

CollegeCore gave useful suggestions and recommendations on how I could improve my application, which helped me get admission to top universities in the UK, such as UCL and King’s. The wow moment for me was how helpful and kind the mentors were. They answered my doubts and questions at any time during the day. The team has a very good understanding of the application process and how to help students like me achieve their goals.

Isha Garg, DPS International
University College London, Class of 2027

Samiya Bhatia

CollegeCore was immensely helpful in ensuring we met deadlines, prepared beforehand with most of the material, and achieved all this without compromising the quality of work. I was astounded by the entire team: for helping my family and me iron out the details every step of the way; summarizing my life as impactfully as I had experienced it for the applications; maturing my thoughts and making a tidy flavorful packet of information out of the jumble of words in my essays. I am grateful to my Counselor, Urvashi Ma’am, as well as the Editors, for the smooth ride. My wow moment was when my friends and I visited the office offline. It was immensely enjoyable and productive. I understood during my visits what gems of people I was working with wonderfully talented, sublimely pleasant, infinitely engaging, and unerringly kind.

Samiya Bhatia, Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram
Grinnell College, Class of 2027

Lavanya Gupta

The one thing that I truly admire about CollegeCore is that the team, they are always ready to help with even the slightest doubt at any time of the day irrespective of the time zones! Wow, the moment was the smooth process of essays, activity lists, and LORs that they assisted me with.

Lavanya Gupta, La Martiniere Girls College
Boston University, Class of 2027

Parent of Krisha Jain

The I loved was that counselors took our choices and views into consideration while making all the decisions, they gave us ample time to think and also were ready to make changes multiple times. They motivated my daughter and were patient throughout the entire process. I was amazed to see how well the common app essay topic and a few other essay topics were so well thought out. Also, some ideas for extracurriculars that they helped us with were very helpful in enhancing the profile.

Parent of Krisha Jain, Bombay International School
Emory University, Class of 2027

Aarush Saxena

The application process is very organised with everything being kept track of. For example, the Student Interface Platform helped me keep track of my status in my application process. I liked how CollegeCore always shared relevant information that I needed to go about this process more effectively.I wouldn’t say there was one single ‘Wow’ moment but working with CollegeCore made me realize the need to be organized when planning for the next phase of my life. Lifelong learning for me.

Aarush Saxena, The Doon School
Purdue University, Class of 2027

Avikam Kanodia

The thing I like the most about CollegeCore was that my counselor always pushed me to achieve my goals. Even though I always missed deadlines for every project and essay, she still pushed me and motivated me to complete my work and submissions. The wow moment for me in the process was when I got my acceptance. While working on my applications,  I was not convinced that would get a college acceptance from my dream school but my counselor always motivated me and made me believe in myself.

Avikam Kanodia, Pathways World School, Aravalli
Northeastern University, Class of 2027

Saesha Ahuja

I liked how it felt more like a personal relationship than a professional one. I felt comfortable reaching out for help and was given a response promptly. I was able to achieve my goals because the team helped me find excellent opportunities and refined my supplemental essays. My wow moment was when I got back the first edited version of my Commonapp essay. To see the value brought by the changes made to my original draft was impressive and inspiring.

Saesha Ahuja, Victoria Shanghai Academy - Hongkong
George Washington University, Class of 2027

Parent of Ehsaas Madan

At every step of the way, Ehsaas’s counselor was there to support and guide us. My daughter could call her anytime- day or night and discuss anything. She motivated my daughter to keep working hard and got her application ready well in time for Early Decision into her dream college. The USA college application process is so complicated by the team simplified it at each step and helped us complete everything on time. Thank you so much Urvashi ma’am and the whole CollegeCore team!

Parent of Ehsaas Madan, Sanskriti School
Emory University, Class of 2027

Ranbir Grover

Loved the personalized help from my counselling team. They helped in building my profile from the ground up and kept me motivated throughout the process even though it was a bit gruelling at times. They made sure I wasn;t slacking and kept my focussed.

Getting an amazing scholarship of $100,000 from UToronto along with my offer was my true ‘Wow’ moment!

Ranbir Grover, Delhi Public School
University of Toronto, Class of 2027

Parent of Priyamvada and Anusuiya Mehrotra

Both my daughters wanted to pursue their higher education in the USA and I’m thankful to CollegeCore for guiding them and me throughout the process. The entire team worked very skilfully and dedicatedly with my children and they were both admitted into their dream universities! The entire process was very systematic and well-planned. All questions and doubts were answered timely and they made the entire application timeline extremely convenient for us. I would recommend CollegeCore to any parents looking to send their children abroad.

I was impressed by how greatly involved the counselors were and promptly kept me updated throughout the process.

Parent of Priyamvada and Anusuiya Mehrotra, Mayo Girls' College, Ajmer
University of California, Los Angeles and Washington University, St. Louis, Class of 2027

Parent of Ritvik Sehgal

The CollegeCore team was fully engaged from the initial discussion till our final decision, and I can’t thank the whole team enough for the outcome. I feel that success lies in a well-thought-through plan, immaculate execution, and a good balance between reality and aspirations. We had limited time in hand before the commencement of the application process for the Class of 2027 as we approached them after Ritvik’s 12th board exams. However, our Counsellor and Urvashi ma’am ensured that each milestone in the overall plan is executed timely and with the highest quality. Ritvik’s counselor was always approachable for the smallest of doubts, and kept motivating my son to do more as for him there was a lot to achieve in a short period.

There are quite a few “wow” moments but I would say that their recommendations and guidance on activities to build an impressive profile resulted in acceptance from his top choice of University. A big thank you again to Urvashi ma’am, and the entire team who worked tirelessly behind the scenes with us.

Parent of Ritvik Sehgal, Amity International School
Purdue University, Class of 2027

Parent of Saesha Ahuja

CollegeCore paid attention to all details and sent regular reminders to keep up with the deadlines which was very helpful. It was a huge support to be able to discuss any questions we had regarding university admissions with them and they were available 24/7. Brainstorming sessions regarding college essays were very beneficial.

Parent of Saesha Ahuja, Victoria Shanghai Academy - Hongkong
George Washington University, Class of 2027

Krish Sethi

It was a pleasure working with my counselling team. They guided me through thick and thin for almost two years. The college I wanted to go to and the major I wanted to study became much clearer after joining CollegeCore.They pushed me and motivated me towards my goals through the entire process.

My wow moment were that even though I left all my work for the last moment, they didn’t give up and  pushed and motivated me to complete all my essays and assignments on time and this definitely helped as I got offers from many top colleges of both Canada and UK

Thank you for all the support and help!

Krish Sethi, DPS, Mathura Road
York University - Schullich Business School, Class of 2027

Udai Vir Kharb

The college application process was daunting and I was confused about how to strengthen my college application. Since starting with CollegeCore this process was made simple and any doubts I had were always quickly cleared. Due to their guidance, I felt confident in all my applications.

The accuracy of the aptitude and interest tests wowed me.

Udai Vir Kharb, The shri Ram School
University of British Columbia, Class of 2027

Parent of Samiya Bhatia

The CollegeCore team was very structured and methodical in its approach right from the beginning. They proactively laid out a plan (a detailed roadmap) to suit my daughter’s interests and abilities. The entire team led by Urvashi, was resourceful, patient, persistent, and available throughout this process. The team became a confidant of my teenage daughter throughout this period and supported her wonderfully with counseling, guidance, and encouragement. I want to specifically call out the excellent individual attention and support her associate counselor provided as a friend and guide to Samiya and me. To me it was invaluable!! Heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for this. The first wow moment was when I saw my daughter’s profile – very nicely listing her achievements and accomplishments. The second wow moment was to see the team’s patience with Samiya in following up on all the required tasks. Thereafter, getting the applications submitted on time and before the pre-boards started was wonderful. The final wow moment was the support during the review of the college grant Samiya got.

Parent of Samiya Bhatia, Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram
Grinnell College, Class of 2027

Khushal Shah

Urvashi Ma’am and her team were very helpful in deciding my university list according to my Profile. They not only helped in strengthening my activities but also showcased them to fit well in the application. Essays made me anxious so the team helped brainstorm ideas. Happy to go to my dream college.

Khushal Shah, Singapore International School
Northeastern University, Class of 2027

Japneet Singh

The entire CollegeCore team from day one helped me in achieving my goal of pursuing my higher education in the US. They guided me in building up my resume and finding the best universities fit for me. They helped me by portraying my best image to the universities. Not even a single day I felt lost. They were always a call or text away which made the whole process much easier. I thank them for all their efforts.

The best thing I liked is that they have a very personal approach. The one-to-one brainstorming session is the best. These help students never feel lost or confused while also helping them in building a strong resume.

Japneet Singh, Springdales School
University of Rochester, Class of 2027

Naina Bhadauria

What I liked most about CollegeCore was how available the counselors were, you could reach out to them at any time and you would get a response instantly! During the process with them, I believe my wow moment was during the essay brainstorming session for my Commonapp, where I realized that something that I thought was very insignificant turned out to be the backbone of my essay. My counselor helped me realize this and that became the main structure for most of my essays.

Naina Bhadauria, The Shri Ram School, Moulsari
Sarah Lawrence University, Class of 2027

Parent of Zorawar Singh

The structure of the engagement was very helpful, creating a plan and following up with that. Keeping track of how things were progressing and the gentle and firm nudges was beneficial. They made sure that the essays and applications were done on time.

Parent of Zorawar Singh, Shikshantar School
Virginia Tech, Class of 2027

Aditya Agarwal

Despite joining Collegecore in grade 12 and being clueless about the application process, Urvashi Ma’am and her team helped me streamline the entire process and guided me throughout the application process. Everyone was very responsive and approachable, providing timely and helpful feedback. Thanks to Collegecore I have received admission from multiple universities with lots of scholarships.

Aditya Agarwal, Apeejay School
University of San Francisco, Class of 2027

Siddhesh Abhijit Kotnis

The thing I liked most about CollegeCore was the clarity behind the actions and suggestions my counselor made. The framework of the plan was personalized and perfectly suited to my needs. Lastly, the people involved in my application process were extremely helpful and supportive allowing me to express my thoughts and finalize the best version of my profile.

When we asked my counselor to give us names of the universities that are under my range, she not only gave us the names but made an entire tabulated document containing all the details necessary about the universities. This document made it much easier to finalize my top 5 universities.

Siddhesh Abhijit Kotnis, Amity Global School
University of Manchester, Class of 2027

Parent of Azeez Anand

The CollegeCore team has been so supportive. They helped my son in every way to build a better profile which was not possible in a small town like Jalandhar. I am thankful to them for mentoring my son throughout his journey from class 9th to 12th. And with their help, my son secured scholarships at two universities.

Parent of Azeez Anand, Apeejay School
University of San Francisco, Class of 2027