CollegeCore was accessible, could get their advise 24/7 and were ready to answer any queries however small at all times. Their follow up of the student and parent was quite aggressive and priorities were explained in detail. They knew how to push the right buttons with the students as with all kinds of pressures that the students had with their academics and other deadlines. They were able to get what they wanted from the student .

Harvard University, Class of 2025

I don’t think my dream of studying in Stanford would have become a reality had I not had the constant support and advice of the experienced, kind and very responsive team at CollegeCore. They made the process seamless, and they strategic advice and assistance has today ensured that I can live my dream. I cannot recommend them enough.

Stanford University, Class of 2025

Aryaman Babbar
CollegeCore was a terrific experience for me! Their consistent involvement in my application process and warmth exuded by Sonu Kohli ma’am and Urvashi ma’am lent an air of comfort to the process. Their guidance in times of uncertainty and the literary genius of Smita Khanna ma’am helped me craft a fine version of the personal statement I had in mind. I owe tons of literary learning to Smita Khanna ma’am whose writings helped me craft the best versions of my essays. To the entire team of CollegeCore, I extend a heartfelt thanks. I cannot believe I got into my dream university-Oxford!

Aryaman Babbar, Ryan International School
University of Oxford, Class of 2025

Aman Sharma

CollegeCore helped me through the application process with a lot of patience and commitment. Helping me with advice on nitty-gritties such as handling my social media accounts, to important decisions like strategizing my entry through an alternate major, finalizing my college list, or help with structuring my essays, each conversation with Urvashi ma’am was super productive & energetic. But for the midnight Zoom calls with the team to think through my application presentation & projecting my extracurriculars in a unique way, success wouldn’t have been a cakewalk. The right advice at the right time related to each component of application was key to getting into my dream college UPenn. Yes, The roller coaster journey seemed like a smooth road.
Team CollegeCore was always cheery, friendly and approachable and just a phone call away. Their advice and help was pivotal in helping me get into the college of my dreams, and I would recommend CollegeCore to anyone wanting to get into a top university in the US.

Aman Sharma, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2025

I cannot thank the team of CollegeCore enough for everything they helped me with during the last one year. Given the schoolwork, pandemic and extensive application process for US applications, my anxiety and stress levels were high. My counselor, Sonu Ma’am along with Urvashi Ma’am were not only always available for me, but also helped me destress. I cannot thank the ever-smiling Sonu Ma’am enough for her constant hand-holding and patient dealing. CollegeCore rocks!

Cornell University, Class of 2025

Tejas Karnani

I joined CollegeCore last year as a confused and intimidated 11th grade student. I have since been guided, assisted and motivated by Urvashi Ma’am, and their team. They are there to help at every juncture, doing their best to make the unfamiliar and sometimes, tedious, process of applying to college seem enjoyable and enriching. CollegeCore has helped me answer some of my biggest concerns: such as what majors I should choose, and where I should intern, while also clearing the hundreds of small doubts that keep popping up. I am extremely grateful to CollegeCore for helping me get into my dream school!

Tejas Karnani, DPS, Mathura Road
Northwestern University, Class of 2025

Uday Sapra

CollegeCore transcended my expectations! I joined them two years ago expecting great counseling advice, however, little did I know that I had enrolled myself into a vessel for personal development that would eventually become the gateway to my dream university.

The team at CollegeCore has helped me evolve into a much more confident and qualified individual by tossing at me multiple opportunities to inculcate new skills and curate interests. From laying down an intricate roadmap to scout my academic interests to brainstorming for essay worthy childhood interests, and crafting a personalized university list, the team is always by your shoulder. They are there to answer your silly doubts late at night, and they are there to celebrate your acceptances with you well past midnight.

I recall when at the last second I decided to change my ED university. Urvashi ma’am was there to support my abrupt decision, helping me timely fulfill all the prerequisites to suit that need. I also fondly recall my CommonApp essay brainstorming session with the team, where I got the opportunity to reminisce my childhood passions with them. Their prompt suggestions gave me a clear picture of what I had to write about – making a daunting task like the CommonApp essay seem simple.

The team at CollegeCore helped me harness the best of out of me, and these collective efforts accumulated to leverage me an acceptance into my dream university!

Uday Sapra, DPS, Noida
New York University, Class of 2025

Aakarsh Bengani

I loved working with the CollegeCore Team on my college applications. Their dedication, commitment, and comprehensive support system assisted me in entangling the challenges posed by the College application process. Further, their attention to detail to my extracurricular activities, supplemental essays, Interviews, recommendations for test prep were extremely fruitful to achieve my goals.

Urvashi Ma’am and Simerna Ma’am have been an essential part of this process and have never failed to encourage me and answer my endless inquiries. Moreover, Urvashi ma’am’s advice relating to my essays and my business ventures was crucial and extremely helpful.

Aakarsh Bengani, The Shriram Millennium School
University of California, Los Angeles, Class of 2025