Ananya Grover

I loved that the CollegeCore team offered me a comprehensive support system, not only helping me streamline my resume but also recommending tutors for last-minute standardised test-prep, offering their feedback on my ideas for competitions, and suggesting opportunities that would be hard to find independently. CollegeCore made the applications process efficient and structured – a huge plus for my schedule! Most importantly, Urvashi ma’am, Anu ma’am, and team supported me in my attempts to be authentic, helping my natural voice and passions shine through. 

I particularly remember the session where I shared personal stories as potential topics for my Common App essay. Urvashi ma’am’s suggestions at the end of the session helped me craft a unique essay with some of the most honest writing I’ve ever done. I didn’t even care whether admissions officers would like it – I was proud of the piece! 

Ananya Grover, Amity International School
Princeton University, Class of 2024

Vasvi Gupta

CollegeCore Education helped me not only to aspire big but also to work adequately towards the realization of my aspirations. Their constant involvement in the various aspects of college application building, especially essay construction and writing, is what helped me get through my dream school, Columbia University. Charu ma’am has been an essential part of this process and has never failed to encourage me and satisfy my endless inquiries. Urvashi ma’am and her team have been instrumental in the fruition of my dream by guiding me to make prudent choices and take realistic decisions.

Vasvi Gupta, Mayo Girls' College, Ajmer
Columbia University, Class of 2024

Eashan Sinha

My experience with CollegeCore was absolutely amazing. I don’t think I would have been able to receive anywhere near the results I obtained if I had worked by myself instead of with CollegeCore. The program does an outstanding job following up with students, ensuring deadlines are met and communication is maintained. I, myself struggled meeting all the deadlines and constantly keeping my mentors, Ms. Charu and Mrs. Urvashi, but they never gave up on me and kept pushing me to working hard to write all 60 or so essays for the 22 schools I applied to. I am not afraid to admit that it was only because of them plus the editors that allowed me to receive acceptance into 17 of those schools, with 12 of them being among the top 25 in the nation, including those like Johns Hopkins, Rice, UC Berkeley, U-Michigan Ross School of Business, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, UCLA, WashU in St. Louis, Emory… the list goes on! I can confidently say that they played a MAJOR role in me being admitted into these universities, as they helped me with every step throughout the way. My family and I laugh and joke all the time at where I would possibly have been without Ms. Charu and Mrs. Urvashi. They brought the best out of me, and even though I didn’t have the best SAT score, grades, and extracurriculars, they went above and beyond to work with me and ensure that I stood out among other applicants in my relatively competitive area. In my opinion, there shouldn’t even be a price tag on the service that CollegeCore provides, because it is truly priceless… I don’t think there is another program like CollegeCore out there. Thank you so much Mrs. Urvashi and Ms. Charu!

Eashan Sinha, Riverwood International Charter High School
GeorgiaTech, Class of 2024

Naira Kothari

Applying to college is a stressful experience, however, the CollegeCore team made my experience so much easier. Both Urvashi Maam and Sonu Ma’am were great support systems and were always available to talk or answer any of my questions at any time of the day. Managing essay writing, SAT preparation as well as Squash training was challenging, but they were willing to work around my schedule and do whatever it takes to put me at ease. Their constant reminders and essay deadlines made me stop procrastinating and actually get down to working! 

I cannot thank them enough for guiding me in the right direction and ultimately helping me get into my dream college. If they had not urged me to take the risk and apply to Barnard, I may not have been in this situation today.

Naira Kothari, Vasant Valley School
Barnard College, Class of 2024

Sankalp Anand

Ms. Urvashi Ma’am and the CollegeCore team helped me through every step in the college process. I loved their inputs for my essays as the suggestions really helped me write well and they gave me great ideas for what I can write.

Sankalp Anand, Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram
Columbia University, Class of 2024

Ayush Walia

I was very happy with the attention to detail that my counsellors gave to my extra-curricular activities. Since I was applying to the US, it was important that I portrayed my activities well, so they helped me effectively write my 10 activities in my CA list and also edit my CV in a way which showcases my interest in Business. Moreover, I also liked how they guided me with the edits needed to be made to my website. It is important that I portray it effectively and she helped me to do so with the focus on the most important aspects. In addition to the activities, I was also very happy with the standardized test suggestions given by the team. Since that was my weak area, Ms Anu continuously suggested what best needs to be done and accordingly helped me shortlist my universities- which was very important !

Ayush Walia, Dubai International Academy, Dubai
NYU Stern School of Business, Class of 2024

Ishita Goel

College Core has made a profound impact on my life. Ever since day one, they knew exactly how to harness my skills and bring out the best in me everyday. Their experience, professionalism, insight, coaching and guidance have not only helped me secure my dream college but have also helped me in all other facets of my life. Ma’am Urvashi and her team were there for me every step of the way, and I could not have done it without them.

Ishita Goel, Mayo Girls' College, Ajmer
University of Southern California, Class of 2024

Ribhav Sikka

We’ve interacted with Urvashi ma’am and her team for two years now and what I liked best about Urvashi ma’am was her depth of knowledge with respect to information on colleges across the world, their academic programs, their eligibility requirements, their standardized testing cut offs amongst other things. I was extremely touched by both Urvashi ma’am and Simerna ma’am’s level of personal involvement with me. They were also accessible at all points in time and were always just a phone call away. 

I really liked the way CollegeCore approaches the entire application submission process by breaking it up into sub-processes and scheduling these activities evenly all through the year. They were both gentle and firm at the same time and ensured that all my work happened as per schedule. I also thoroughly enjoyed the several essay brainstorming sessions I had with Riddhi Ma’am and these helped me immensely in understanding the prompts and structuring and penning down my thoughts.
Lastly, I loved the fact that the attention they gave to students didn’t end with the submission of the application form. Even after being accepted in the ED round, I got mails from Urvashi ma’am and her team informing me of the merit in taking the AP exams or the various tips to manage stress.

Ribhav Sikka, The Shriram School
Northwestern University, Class of 2024