Kris Nagdev

The process was very systematic and organised. The support at every stage from making a timeline to editing the essays meant a lot to me. Definitely without CollegeCore the outcome would be very different. In addition to this, I really like the honesty throughout the process.

Kris Nagdev, Pathways School, Noida
University of California, Los Angeles, Class of 2024

Shreya Ghosh

In my school life I had attended workshops and won competitions but never consolidated it. Constructing my CV and bringing it together into one document was very special as it was a reflection of all my achievements and experience. I liked writing my Common App personal essay the most. My counsellor and editors were all very accommodating of my views and understood how I wanted to project my personality in college applications. 

Shreya Ghosh, Amity International School
GeorgiaTech, Class of 2024

Yagna Gupta

Collegecore has definitely played a huge role in my success. Specially Simerna ma’am, without her guidance and constant support it would have been really tough. I could call her anytime to talk about my grades or preferences. She was always there for me to give me a moral boost and emotional support. The one-to-one relation that the students establish with their councillors is truly amazing.
P.s I loved coming to their office as I would get burgers and shakes

Yagna Gupta, Lotus Valley International School
Arizona State University, Class of 2024

Aman Singh

I really loved how the CollegeCore team could pick out the best options for me on the basis of my profile and direct me towards the right direction whether it be in furnishing my essays or applying to the different variety of colleges. They were always remained extremely helpful and supportive throughout the process, whether it was dealing with a deferral on a college decision or celebrating together on acceptances. Urvashi Ma’am helped me narrow down the best options for me on the basis of my aspirations for my higher education and my career, and I will forever be grateful to them and the entire CollegeCore team for helping me realize and furthermore, achieve my potential.

Aman Singh, Amity International School
University of Illinois, Urban Champaign, Class of 2024

Anjanee Khosla

CollegeCore has a wonderfully thorough application process. Urvashi ma’am and Simerna ma’am really helped me to balance studies with co-curriculars, all while writing demanding essays. They made sure I met my deadlines and were so involved throughout the application process. Everytime I had a doubt, I knew I could contact them to clear it. I am so grateful for the entire guidance I’ve received from CollegeCore these past two years. 

I was quite unsure about my CommonApp topic when CollegeCore called me for a brainstorming session. I was surprised with how they easily weaved out story lines from my personal experiences. The whole session made it a lot easier for me to start tackling my essays

Anjanee Khosla, Amity International School
University of California, Los Angeles

Ishan Khandelwal

Everyone at CollegeCore is really helpful and friendly. There was a lot of help in developing by resume and creating leadership programs for me. Also looking at my CV after completing the action plan was a big wow moment which was possible all because of the help from CollegeCore. Also some of the most crucial help was for writing essays by the editors at CollegeCore. The action plan given to me from day 1 played an important role as well and all the help given by Urvashi maam and Sonu maam helped me complete it. 

Ishan Khandelwal, Amity International School
University of Illinois, Urban Champaign, Class of 2024

Anahita Jain

I really liked the fact that both Urvashi Ma’am and Simerna Ma’am were so approachable at any given moment. Whenever I needed help, I knew they were just a phone call away. College Core really guided me in every step of the way – from the never ending essays to the tiresome Common App – they made it all so much easier! Class 12 involves hours of work for your school exams, college applications, standardised testing, research and extracurriculars. The application timelines and advice by College Core really helps you manage your time much better! All their help has helped me land one of my dream colleges! 

Anahita Jain, Vasant Valley School
Barnard College, Class of 2024

Payas Hasteer

The most important thing for a student at my age is proper guidance and someone who understands him/her. The day I walked into the office it felt just like home. Urvashi Ma’am and Sonu Ma’am were just so welcoming and understanding.  They helped me grow as a person while instructing me towards a better future and I surely made the right decision coming to CollegeCore cause without them I do not feel that I would have been able to make it to U of T.

Payas Hasteer, The Doon School
University of Toronto, Class of 2024