Roshini Singh

What I liked most about CollegeCore was the thoroughness and their time management. Being in a boarding school and having very little time to connect and follow, it helped me a lot to space out all my college work evenly so that I wasn’t worked up in the last minute.

Roshini Singh, Welham Girls’ School
Northeastern University, Class of 2024

Ritika Khosla

CollegeCore not only guided me in my application but even as a person. Conversations with Simerna Ma’am would always instil positivity and confidence within me, which would unknowingly help me believe in my essays more. I was able to open up to her as well as receive advice from her. The warmth I felt from the entire team, either at their office or over the numerous phone calls, always made me feel comfortable enough to ask for any kind of help. They understood me really well and were able to help create my application as personalised as possible.
I would like to thank them, as the application process not only helped me grow but also helped me know myself better. Thank you for always being patient and honest with me:) I’ll miss you all a lot!

Ritika Khosla, Step by Step School
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Class of 2024

Parinay Gupta

I got to know about CollegeCore in grade 11. Within 60 minutes of our first sitting, I already had a roadmap in my hand for the standardised tests and co-curricular activities listed in an organised timeline by Urvashi ma’am. Since then, it has been a journey worth the efforts. From selecting the universities with Urvashi ma’am to finalising the essays with Smita ma’am and the editors, I am deeply humbled by the guidance I received. It is worth to mention here about the last-minute mock-interview session I was fortunate enough to schedule with Ridhi ma’am. The session truly calmed my nerves just before I had an actual interview. If it is today that I call myself a proud Blue Devil, it is because of the valuable counselling I received from CollegCore over these years. Thank you!

Parinay Gupta, Summer Fields School
Duke University, Class of 2024


Stress, stress, stress, stress!! There would have been no full-stop to the previous line if it wasn’t for College Core. I was on the brink of a breakdown, inches from a chasm of wasting an entire year of my life until I came across College Core. Despite having written thousands of words to express myself to multiple colleges that I applied to, I today feel short of words to describe the greatness that this organisation has.

 However, I will try to make it as ‘personal and authentic’ as possible. Ms Urvashi came across as a beam of light from a lighthouse that directed me and kept my ship of college applications from sinking throughout. Her understanding and motivating nature kept me going no matter how stressed out I was. She would always hear me out regardless of how stubborn I could get ‘sometimes’. Collegecore’s assistance instilled within me the ability to see the light at the end of a tunnel. I would’ve called you crazy, if you would’ve told me that I would get an offer from the UK’s very best university for Economics, Warwick. I could have never done it without the support from the College Core team. Furthermore, I cannot thank Ms Kohli Smita and Ms.Urvashi enough for helping me out with my last-minute college essays and SOP. They helped me in producing my best essays and always understood what I had in mind. I feel incredibly blessed to have had the chance of working with the fantastic College Core Team! One thing that I can say without an ounce of doubt is that no matter the results, the effort that the team would put in would be priceless. I genuinely feel that is what counts and makes one successful! I recommend College Core to anyone who wants their application to stand out and give flight to their dream of studying in some of the best universities in the world. 

Anurag Mundara, Pathways World School, Aravalli
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Class of 2024

Ananya Bishnoi

Decision of selecting College Core as my admission counselor by my father has been a boon for me. They always provided me with every relevant information well in advance, right from profile building to selection of colleges, application process and beyond. Urvashi ma’am has always been just a call away for any help, I needed. Because of her constant support I got the acceptance from most of the colleges I applied for. Thanks a lot College Core.

Ananya Bishnoi, Amity International School
California Polytechnic State University, Class of 2024

Aahana Sehrawat

Collegecore made the stressful and overwhelming process of applying to the US a complete breeze. From brainstorming essays to deciding which universities to apply to, the whole team made even the most tedious tasks fun with their expert guidance. I believe what sets apart Collegecore is that the team genuinely cares about each student and caters to every student’s individual needs. Working with Urvashi Ma’am and Sonu Ma’am was great as they were not only supportive but also, as hardworking strong women, they inspired me along the way. I am extremely thankful to them for always bringing me back on track whenever i wandered off and for dealing as well as helping me improve my bad organisational and time management skills. I could never have done this without your help. Once again, Thank you to the entire team for everything!

Aahana Sehrawat, Convent of Jesus & Mary
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Class of 2024

Jai Bhargava

I loved how I could interact with my counsellor without the fear of being judged at CollegeCore. They really helped me achieve my goals by helping me build my CV and involve me in different activities which I, normally would not have done. The best part of the process was the ease of finding solutions to different problems which were arising during the application process.

Jai Bhargava, The Shriram School
University of Toronto, Class of 2024

Rajvir Oswal

I got in touch with CollegeCore right in the beginning of Grade 10. Going to a reputed college in the US was my dream. The College Core team laid out the steps that would lead to the fulfillment of my dream. With both monthly and yearly plans laid out clearly, I was able to achieve my targets on time. My counsellors gave me instant reminders whenever I fell behind my schedules and always nudged me in the right direction. I want to thank Urvashi Ma’am, Charu Ma’am, Anshruta Ma’am, the editor and the rest of the team for putting in the effort, time and enthusiasm for making my dreams come true.

Rajvir Oswal, Sat Paul Mittal School
University of Southern California, Class of 2024