Ishita Nagar

CollegeCore helped me achieve my goal of getting into University of Toronto. It was fun working with the team especially Anshruta who has been a constant help in completing my applications.

Ishita Nagar, Welham Girls’ School
University of Toronto (International Relations), Class of 2021

Inayat Singh

I got in touch with CollegeCore right in the middle of 12th grade. Seeing the cut offs in India, I was feeling as thought I might not end up in a good college after all. After meeting with Urvashi Ma’am, I felt much at ease. A lot of things were clear in my mind and the day after meeting with Ma’am, I got the entire list of colleges and programs where I could apply. They made the work much simpler for me. I was always in constant touch with Charu Ma’am through mail or calls. Another great thing about CollegeCore was that they were very honest with their feedback. If they thought something should’ve been on the essay or something shouldn’t have been, they would always tell me to delete or add them. Urvashi Maam, Charu Ma’am were both always a phone call away. They were always very, very prompt in replying to our emails and that was amazing. Yes I am happy with the end result. I applied to 7 colleges and I’ve got acceptances from 6 of them. This wouldn’t have been possible without CollegeCore. Thank you for helping me and guiding me every step of the way. I already had a lot of pressure of 12th grade, you guys just helped me reduce some aspects of it.

Ps: I loved coming to your office. I got pizza and cake 😛

Inayat Singh, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
University of Toronto (Psychology), Class of 2020

Aditya B

CollegeCore has an excellent admissions process that provides direction to those uncertain about their potential. They are a great help with college essays, brainstorming ideas, editing and workshopping them. Their efforts helped me produce my best resulting in excellent admits to colleges including Dartmouth, Cornell and Yale-NUS with a full scholarship. Excellent job college application planning, helping busy grade 12 students like myself stay on track.

Aditya B, The Doon School
Cornell University, SHA, Dartmouth College, Class of 2020

Kairavi B

Marks, activities,
community service and more.
Research, essays
and standardized tests galore.

How will we keep up?
And become better than best.
Who will help us
become better than the rest?

Who will help us realize
where we truly belong?
Who will make sure
that we aren’t going wrong?

It all seems impossible
“I won’t get in anywhere for sure!”
Not if you have the support
from the team at college core.

They hold your hand
and smoothly take you till the end.
They become more than teachers,
more like family or friends.

They pick up the call
at every odd hour.
They have answer to every question,
even if it’s really bizarre.

They listen to your stories
and show genuine interest.
They suggest creative ideas
for you to become your best.

They go over tiny details
and leave no confusion in your mind.
They keep reminding even when you don’t reply
and somehow still remain kind.
They excite you with emails
about every university.
But they help you choose the one
where you eventually want to be.

They hold group sessions
where we all have so much fun.
We eat, chat, laugh
but still get all the work done.

They go over every essay
again and again
Whether its ten essays for Stanford
or just one for UPenn.

I had my eyes set on a college,
It was where I had to be.
It’s only because of them
I have my admit letter from USC.

This process that was supposed to be scary
and difficult to get through.
Was fairly easy and enjoyable
because of all of you.

Thank you ma’am and team
for all you did for us
For going the extra mile.
For never creating a fuss.

We’ve reached a stage when
we may not need you anymore.
But we’ve started a new friendship
and will keep in touch for sure!

Kairavi B, The Shri Ram School, Moulsari
USC, Class of 2020

Aditri Bhagirath

After visiting several counselors and receiving the same reply, “No, we have never sent anyone to a tier one college but that’s going to change with you!” I finally found Urvashi ma’am. My first visit with her removed any residual doubts I had.

The best part of my CollegeCore experience was the endless discussions I had with Disha for my essays. I remember being frequently stumped by prompts like “Is my art plagiarism or revolution?” or “What’s the most quintessential aspect of my life?” and simultaneously having daily existential crises during the stressful application season. But through all of this, Disha was ALWAYS available for discussions. Those 1 a.m. calls spurred my creativity, and the frequent and timely rounds of editing made my essays truly spectacular.

With the help of their unwavering support, I got into a lot of my dream schools including Johns Hopkins, Brown, Berkeley, Cornell and ultimately Carnegie Mellon

Aditri Bhagirath, Sanskriti School
Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2020

Vasvi Bharat Ram

Working with Urvashi was a fabulous experience. They have been more like friends and have held Kairavi’s hand during every step of the admission process. What was most touching for me was how concerned they were that Kairavi should get her dream college. The results were coming out when we were in Japan but even then Disha was constantly in touch, checking in again and again to see if Kairavi has heard back from USC. Their personal interest and involvement made all the difference.

CollegeCore is such a happy and welcoming place for the kids. Thanks for everything!

Vasvi Bharat Ram, Mother of Kairavi Bharat Ram
USC, Class of 2020

Archana Shanker Srivastava

What I liked most about CollegeCore was that they don’t work with students in isolation. Parents are copied on every mail and aren’t kept in the dark as to which colleges their child is applying to. Urvashi is as accessible to parents as she is to students about any doubts that they may have. Usually, parents are unacquainted with the college application process and Urvashi made it easier by breaking the entire process down. I would strongly recommend CollegeCore to all parents who want to explore the possibility of their child applying abroad.

Archana Shanker Srivastava, Mother of Rishab Srivastava
University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2020

Vedant Sood

As a student in London, what stood out was the flexibility CollegeCore provided. Flexibility in terms of geography and time-zone but also in terms of taking on my application at a late stage. They offered fantastic guidance with how to best portray the summative result of what my high school experience had lead to in the various essays and CV requirements, and they made the entire process of applying far less stressful for a 2nd year IB Diploma Candidate as myself, which was a welcome reduction in workload. They were also very adjusting with their communication and the obvious time difference and geographical barrier for someone going to high school in England seemed non existent with relation to the commitment that the team put into each response and follow up. All in all, I’m very glad to have had them handle my case so late, and to have their guidance see me off into an institution I’ve dreamed of attending for a few years now. Cheers!

Vedant Sood, ACS Cobham International School
University of Chicago, Class of 2020