Priyanka Sethy

I think the best thing about CollegeCore is that how personal everything is and how there is someone to help each step of the way. Everything was made so systematic, from chosing colleges, to filling out the applications and supplements. I can recall a lot of “Wow” moments, but the best was finishing up the UCAS application in just one day with Urvashi Ma’am and being accepted into Oxford University. In fact, in the beginning I had no idea what sort of personal statement to write and what to write in it but with just one session with Urvashi Ma’am I had all my thoughts sorted. The personal touch is what makes CollegeCore so special.

Priyanka Sethy, Brightlands School, Dehradun
University of Chicago, Class of 2017

Devansh Gupta

College applications have been one of the most challenging processes I have ever dealt with. They have made me grow and understand myself like never before. And I can say without the shadow of a doubt that this process wouldn’t have been as smooth, structured and successful for me without the help of College Core. I really appreciated Urvashi Ma’am’s constant support and reassurance, and valued her accessibility the most. I strongly recommend high school students, aspiring to pursue further education in the US, to make use of the expertise and experience of College Core.

Devansh Gupta, UWC, Singapore
Princeton University, Class of 2017