Nipun Agarwal

I am grateful to CollegeCore for their indispensable assistance with my college application, especially in getting into Brown University. The most enjoyable aspect of my experience was the counsellors’ customised advice and expertise (my grade 11 counsellor throughout the profile-building process, my grade 12 counsellor throughout my senior year and application work, Urvashi ma’am who always believed in me and especially the editorial team led by Smita ma’am for bringing out the best in my essays). In addition to demystifying the daunting application process, the personalised attention and insightful guidance I got gave me the confidence to portray the best version of myself to colleges.
Unlike several other counselling services my friends join, the CollegeCore team always pushed me to test my limits, whether academically or in extracurriculars. I remember applying for the Head Boy position in school even though I wasn’t confident, only because the team pushed me to and eventually ended up being elected. Moreover, the team was just a call away, no matter the time of the day and was never shy to help, creating a very friendly and safe environment and genuinely bonding with the student and the family.

Nipun Agarwal, The International School Bangalore
Brown University, Class of 2028

Parent of Yuvan Goenka

My entire application process was made so much easier with the timeline charted out to complete all the activities and to build the profile. The constant reminders were also very helpful. My grade 12 counsellor was extremely patient and always there to guide and answer any query at any given point.
Sharing the joy of a dream college acceptance with CollegeCore was beautiful! It showed me they felt what I felt!

Parent of Yuvan Goenka, Step by Step School
Tufts University, Class of 2028

Manav Johar

The application was not a walk in the park – especially with US Colleges. What I liked most about CollegeCore was obviously how they tailored my experiences to include all aspects of my interests and surround it around the theme of water and community, but also how they encouraged me throughout the process. The start of the process was quite rough for me but every time, I had my personal cheerleaders – my counsellors, to pick me up and say – ‘hey you got this’. This not only kept my morale up but helped me achieve my dream of studying at a top university – known for my major and allowed for major flexibility which is what I was looking for.
A wow moment was how my counsellor reacted when I kept switching my majors and my country of choice. Probably the most indecisive person the team has worked with, I kept oscillating between US and UK, and how my counsellor got on a call – no matter what time or day it was to tend to my indecisiveness. The way the team dealt with and accommodated my experience during the application process was fabulous. Adding on, the way they helped me focus my activities around a theme was magical – bringing out my love for the water, while also showing major specific attributes.

Manav Johar, Woodstock School Mussoorie
University of Washington, Class of 2028

Nishita Popli

I valued how my counsellors both were so involved and helped me navigate the entire process of and before the application because it can be very overwhelming more often than not. They managed to guide me through it all with seamless ease but also let me learn from the process rather than spoon-feed me, which of course will help me through university and after.

Nishita Popli, Delhi Public School
Boston University, Class of 2028

Pari Mehrotra

I loved how the entire application process was set with deadlines and a timeline. CollegeCore helped me from the first step of deciding on a major till the last step of getting into a good university. The application process and the depth of profile building wowed me!

Pari Mehrotra, The Millenium School
Boston University, Class of 2028

Anvi Chopra

My counsellor at CollegeCore was always a message or call away, so the communication was very efficient. They were always very supportive and motivating even if something did not go as planned. I was never behind schedule as the process was well-planned and the team was very proactive.

Anvi Chopra, The International School Bangalore
Boston University, Class of 2028

Aditya Dixit

My experience with CollegeCore introduced me to the intricacies of the admission process of US universities, thus CollegeCore helped me with my goal of getting exposure to different procedures in the USA.
I was blown away by the accuracy of the predictions of the CollegeCore team in determining the possible acceptances I would receive from US universities is amazing and tells about their experience and familiarity with colleges.

Aditya Dixit, Seth M.R. Jaipuria School
University of Wisconsin and University of Wisconsin Madison, Class of 2028

Arnav Khemka

The thing I appreciated the most was the responsiveness of the team. I never felt that I wasn’t getting their time or that they were neglecting my applications. I always got timely replies to messages and emails. This helped me navigate through the complex procedures of CommonApp, leaving no room for errors. The timely follow-ups also ensured that the submissions were made well on time. I was never late with any deadlines regarding the submission of any of my applications.
My “wow” moment would be the timeline that was set. The fact that the timeline set by CollegeCore was extremely accurate and ensured the timely completion of all my applications, without pressuring me at all. It was the timeline that prevented me from getting overwhelmed during application season.

Arnav Khemka, The Doon School
Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2028

Shivani Arvind

I think my favorite part was having a support system to lean on through figuring out the next chapter of my life and having a space where I could discuss my goals along with all the essay discussions!

Shivani Arvind, Woodstock School Mussoorie
Parsons - The New School, Class of 2028

Sameeha Sood

I loved how time-efficient and streamlined the essay writing and overall application process was. The entire CollegeCore team was there to help make my application journey truly unique and successful. I knew I was getting personalised advice rather than generic advice. The team really understood me and the whole process felt a lot easier

Sameeha Sood, Step by Step School
University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2028

Aishani Dagar

CollegeCore’s meticulous planning, attention to detail, regular meetings and setting deadlines and most importantly, brainstorming and editing essay drafts have been key to achieving my goals. In addition to this, CollegeCore’s vast pool of resources has helped me do well in all standardised tests.
Conceptualising my initiative and executing the idea on various channels, offline as well as online, not only helped me explore my passion more but also gave me a clearer understanding on the level of work colleges require. It was a unique, self-sustaining model of e-cycling and reusing, something I wouldn’t have explored without CollegeCore’s help.

Aishani Dagar, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2028

Arjun Suri

Collegecore has helped me comprehensively plan and execute all the components of my application – from essays to extracurriculars – they’ve ensured I left no box unchecked. Despite being a serial procrastinator, my Counsellors at Collegecore helped me better organise myself and ensured that I crafted my best possible application.
The team’s personalised attention to my application was something I greatly appreciated and am thankful for – from weekly meetings to giving me multiple feedback on all of my essays, Collegecore has helped create the most compelling application I could. Whether to support me with applying to summer programs or writing LOCIs even after the admission cycle, Collegecore has always been a pillar of support I can rely on.

Arjun Suri, Step by Step School
Emory University, Class of 2028

Nysa Gaur

My experience with CollegeCore has been invaluable. They provided clarity on academic requirements, university options, and subject choices, allowing me to achieve my academic goals. Working closely with my counsellors, I explored extracurricular opportunities that enriched my high school experience and fostered personal development. The tailored support I received ensured a holistic application that showcased my experiences effectively to universities. Beyond academics, my counsellors were consistently supportive and motivating, making the entire journey memorable.

The most impactful moment was finalizing my essays and activities list. While working on my profile, I didn’t fully grasp the whole picture, but my counsellors and the editing team adeptly highlighted my strengths and experiences creatively and effectively.

Nysa Gaur, JESS Dubai
The Ohio State University, Class of 2028

Parent of Nysa Gaur

College Core has been an integral part of Nysa’s academic and co-curricular journey over the past four years. From identifying her interests to selecting subjects, their dedicated and knowledgeable mentors have played a crucial role. They provided tailored services, offering insightful advice on course selection, profile building, college lists, and essays, contributing to Nysa’s academic success and application strength.

Both mentors were exceptionally accommodating and readily available throughout the process, addressing concerns promptly. We are pleased with our experience and grateful for their guidance and support throughout Nysa’s academic journey and achievements.

As a parent, I had a “wow” moment when essay editors accommodated Nysa’s last-minute deadlines. Their timely response during moments of anxiety over late submissions was truly amazing.

Parent of Nysa Gaur, JESS Dubai
The Ohio State University, Class of 2028

Abhay Malik

The timelines and submission follow-up by the team greatly helped me get ahead on work and made the whole application process less daunting for me.
Once I realised that a strong application was much more than grades and a few extracurriculars, I understood CollegeCore’s dedication and passion to help me craft the best application I could.

Abhay Malik, ACS International Singapore
Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2028

Saksham Mittal

CollegeCore played a pivotal role in helping me secure admission to my dream universities. From the very beginning, my counselling team demonstrated so much dedication and expertise in guiding me through the college application process. Their extensive knowledge of the admissions process, with their genuine passion for helping students succeed, made them an invaluable resource throughout my journey. My counsellor’s guidance was not only limited to just helping with applications and meeting deadlines, but going above and beyond to understand my aspirations, strengths, and interests. She took the time to get to know me on a personal level, which allowed her to provide advice and recommendations that truly showcased my unique qualities. Throughout the entire process, her support and encouragement kept me motivated and confident, even during the most stressful times. She was always available to address my concerns and answer my questions. A very special thanks to the editorial team for doing a fabulous job editing all my essays.
To anyone seeking a college counsellor

Saksham Mittal, Brightlands School, Dehradun
University of Edinburgh, Class of 2027

Parent of Rishit Talwar

CollegeCore is a very organised, honest team. The entire team is extremely approachable and made us fee that someone who is a true well wisher and an industry was with us as parents.

Parent of Rishit Talwar, The Doon School Dehradun
Purdue University, Class of 2028

Ayan Gupta

The constant pushing by my counsellors at CollegeCore helped me grow and overcome procrastination, which ultimately made the application process much smoother and helped me get admitted to a great college.
The essay brainstorming session was a wow moment for me as it helped me know myself more and understand what qualities I need to focus on in college.

Ayan Gupta, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
University of Illinois, Urban Champaign, Class of 2028

Parent of Arnav Agarwal

We value the expert guidance provided by CollegeCore throughout the college application process. This includes assistance with essay writing, college selection, application strategy, and understanding admission requirements, CollegeCore allows students to focus more on academics, extracurriculars, and personal growth. This efficient use of time can led to better outcomes in the college admissions process for my son. Aarnav was unsure about which colleges to apply to, and we felt overwhelmed by the choices. CollegeCore’s counsellors stepped in with tailored advice, recommending schools that aligned with the Aarnav’s academic interests, career goals, and personal preferences. This guidance leads the student to discover colleges they hadn’t considered before, ultimately finding the perfect fit!

Parent of Arnav Agarwal, Singapore International School
University of Michigan, Class of 2028

Aditi Singh

CollegeCore was instrumental in shaping my journey towards my dream universities. Their supportive team went the extra mile to ensure my success. My counselors provided invaluable guidance, from selecting the right universities to crafting compelling application essays that highlighted my strengths. They introduced me to enriching competitions and activities that showcased my talents and commitment to academic excellence. Encouraging me to engage in extracurricular activities aligned with my interests, they provided invaluable guidance every step of the way. One standout instance was their facilitation of my involvement in the CS50 course, deepening my understanding of my field and bolstering my application to top universities like UCSD, UIUC, UC Davis, and the University of Washington.

Aditi Singh, Lotus Valley International School
University of California San Diego, Class of 2028

Parent of Abhay Malik

What stood out most about our experience with CollegeCore was their unwavering availability across time zones. Their support was invaluable in guiding my child through effective time management and meeting deadlines. They provided constant support through the highs and lows of my child’s college journey, ultimately helping them achieve their goals.

Our “wow” moment with CollegeCore was seeing our child confidently submit all assignments on time, a stark contrast to previous semesters. Witnessing this transformation reinforced our trust in CollegeCore’s expertise and support.

Parent of Abhay Malik, ACS International Singapore
Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2028

Soham Modi

Taking on the whole application process coming from a town like Chandigarh can be extremely overwhelming but Urvashi Ma’am and her team did a fantastic job in walking me through it. I’m extremely grateful for all their guidance in every section of the process that helped me get into my dream school – Wharton, UPenn.

Soham Modi, Strawberry Fields High School
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2027

Tanmay Garg

I joined CollegeCore in 9th grade ever since then Urvashi ma’am and her team has played a huge role in building my profile at every step of the journey. Though very motivated about my passions, I tend to procrastinate a lot but she and her team always helped me adhere to all my deadlines and exposed me to various fun competitions I could participate in. They made sure no leaf was left unturned. Their tremendous efforts have helped me gain admission to my dream university, Stanford for Computer Science! Their network of current and graduated college students is a great resource and their essays which helped them gain admission were a great reference for me when I was writing mine. Also, the personalized and meticulous planning and discussions that went into brainstorming essay ideas and editing my CV were so helpful!

Tanmay Garg, Step by Step School
Stanford University, Class of 2026

Varyam Gupta

Amidst the flurry of dilemmas and complex situations that the college application process threw at us, CollegeCore was always there to help us make informed decisions. In addition to helping with the administrative work required to apply to the US via CommonApp, I think CollegeCore was extremely impactful in helping me with my college essays and consolidating hours of extra-curricular work and describing them in mere 150 characters. I believe what helped me in achieving my goals was the individualized and personal help I received from CollegeCore. Accessibility, in terms of having the option to call them any day of the week or having regular group meetings with Urvashi Ma’am, was crucial in helping me stay in touch with my college application requirements and meet deadlines to the best of my abilities. I was really happy with the essay editing and ideating process. They helped turn around my essays, making them both grammatically and creatively sound. I was also very grateful to have edits made on my essays even after I missed deadlines and right before the application deadlines.

Varyam Gupta, The Doon School
Huntsman Program and University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2026

Ayushmaan Aashish Kher

CollegeCore helped simplify a rather complex process of applying to a variety of universities, each with their unique way of reviewing applicants. Long college lists can be incredibly daunting at first, but CollegeCore streamlines the process of finding your perfect fit and then working towards presenting your strengths and potential in the best possible light. They excel in their level of engagement with each student. I spent hours debating potential colleges and majors with the team, analyzing even the smallest details. I’m sure all the debate and discussion ultimately led to an informed decision about applying to my dream universities.

Ayushmaan Aashish Kher, Vasant Valley School
Princeton University, Class of 2026

Divyansh Jain

CollegeCore has been the best help in my college application journey that I could ask for. I have found their advice and structured process to be the most efficient. As someone who required financial assistance to pursue undergraduate studies in the U.S., I had an additional pressure to make my applications perfect. They were instrumental in curating a perfect list of colleges for me to apply to, while keeping financial aid and scholarships as the top priority. They also provided me guidance to strengthen my profile. The most helpful part of my journey with Collegecore was all the help with the essays.

Even though I was in a different time zone CollegeCore always ensured that effective communication was carried out. I am extremely grateful to Urvashi ma’am and her team for all the guidance throughout the process. CollegeCore deserves a huge credit in enabling me to attend my dream Duke University with a full scholarship!

Divyansh Jain, Leysin American School Switzerland
Duke University, Class of 2026

Parent of Ansh Mehta

Urvashi and her team work seamlessly. They bring amazing clarity of thought to the entire admissions process that translates into an ideal target list of colleges. They evaluate each student based on his/her requirements & provide customized advice while gently guiding the students towards fulfilling the requirements and admission deadlines. They were never overbearing & came across more like friends & mentors through the whole process. Bringing out the best in the child & helping him discover his strengths.

Parent of Ansh Mehta, Vasant Valley School
Cornell University, Class of 2026

Aditya Sharma

The majority of the credit for opportunities reflected on my CV is to CollegeCore. Registering myself a post-10th grade, they understood my strengths and weaknesses; understanding that the college process is based on mastering your strengths but also highlighting working on one’s weaknesses. This core understanding, as belonging to the name ‘CollegeCore’, made it possible for me to get into UC Berkeley, my dream school since 9th. Their immense dedication to building their student’s profiles is admirable. Even though we resided on two different continents, they made sure to never make me feel the time difference. The calls were focused on building my profile to shine out among many of my competitors. I was specifically impressed by their feedback on my business models- whether it was understanding the market or reading the 18 page long Business plan.

Aditya Sharma, Indian School Al Ghubra
University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2026

Krishnav Singhal

I feel that CollegeCore’s focus on shaping a ‘story’ from my profile was extremely fruitful. By studying my profile and subsequently suggesting other activities I could participate in, Urvashi Ma’am and her team helped me make my profile more fluid and easy to navigate. Since I joined CollegeCore extremely late, I did not have the time to participate in a lot of new activities. However, I felt that I was able to extract most out of what I already had with CollegeCore’s help. Had this help not been present, I would not have been able to convert a descriptive paragraph about my involvement in art into a design portfolio, one that significantly augmented my application to Georgia Tech. Most importantly, I found myself working on a college list that was well-researched and informative. Insights that students commonly miss like class sizes and the cost of attendance were covered very well. Hence, I felt confident when applying to universities in US and UK. CollegeCore’s commitment to progressing and regressing my profile wherever needed was an experience I will always relish.

Krishnav Singhal, The Doon School
Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2026

Shubhav Suri

At first, the thought of applying to the US was intimidating, but Urvashi Maam and her team made the entire process so effortless. Over the years, they have understood me very well and have made me maximize my potential. Their in-depth knowledge and strategies of planning helped me manage my academics while building up strong applications. They helped me identify my strengths and perfectly laid down the path for me to follow. They would clear all my doubts, no matter how minor they were. The way they found a connection between my life’s experiences to the college-specific essays was remarkable. Their standards of working and the level of engagement in my life was phenomenal. Getting into some of the top-ranked colleges made me believe more in myself and my capabilities. CollegeCore fully equips you to be a competitive applicant to any college you apply to. I highly recommend CollegeCore to anyone who is looking to apply abroad!

Shubhav Suri, Mayo College Ajmer
University of California, Los Angeles, Class of 2026

Ishita Vaid

While the College application process is a daunting one, working with CollegeCore made it not only easier, but also enjoyable. Urvashi ma’am and her team, not only guided me into taking up extra-curricular activities that helped me build my profile but also doing the ones that I truly enjoyed. Coming up with creative alternatives to rote activities, I was truly able to explore my capabilities outside the college application process and open up to new and interesting avenues. The crucial guidance I received from them during all steps of the process played an integral role in the creation of a successful application. Their willingness and patience to address my queries, no matter the time of day is something I am truly grateful for.

Ishita Vaid, Mayo Girls' College, Ajmer
Duke University, Class of 2026

Naman Jalan

It has been a fantabulous journey with CollegeCore. The involvement of the counselors at every step just enhances the distinct vision that CollegeCore develops for every student. I am extremely thankful to Urvashi Ma’am and the entire CollegeCore team for their dedication and support, without which it would not have been possible for me to get through amazing colleges like UC Berkeley, NYU, and Ashoka University. From identifying the right colleges to building the perfect profiles and supporting me through the entire journey of college admissions, the entire CollegeCore team has been very dedicated and supportive. Kudos to the entire team and I recommend everyone to sign up for their services. 

Naman Jalan, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2026

Shrivar Kanudia

I think that the most beneficial thing with CollegeCore was having an approachable associate counselor to whom you can ask doubts. Faster communication led to more work being done. Moreover, this also helped the counselor to get to know me better who was then able to guide me more effectively. A ‘wow’ moment was during the time I was writing my common app essay. Initially, I had been unable to think of a good idea or thought to write the essay on. Finally, we decided to write about a simple yet significant part of my life. After I had written and sent the first draft of my essay, I was slightly skeptical about the idea I was writing. However, once the edited version came back, I was amazed by the organization of ideas and communication of my thought that had taken place making the essay look splendid. The editor with whom I had discussed and finalized the topic had truly understood and incorporated my feelings into the common app essay.

Shrivar Kanudia, The Doon School
University of Illinois, Urban Champaign, Class of 2026

Parent of Divyansh Jain

Applying to college can be incredibly stressful. From shortlisting colleges, meeting the admission criterion, filling up applications, and writing essays to sending in the applications – the process is long and tiring but guidance, insight, knowledge, and support received from CollegeCore were invaluable in this entire process. Especially grateful for all the time given to making sure every application was the best it could be. We as parents feel very proud that our son will be

able to attend his dream university. It was a stressful few months of concern, doubt, and hope. Our son would not be on this path without you and we are very fortunate to have had your help. Once again a big thank you – Urvashi ma’am, and the entire team. 

Parent of Divyansh Jain, Leysin American School Switzerland
Duke University, Class of 2026

Keshav Agarwal

I joined CollegeCore as a confused grade 12th student during the final months of the college application. Urvashi Ma’am and her team helped me brainstorm essay ideas and choose my major. Their dedication helped me to overcome the challenges faced in the application process. They helped me with the nitty-gritties of suggesting activities, finalizing the activity list, etc. 

Keshav Agarwal, Jayshree Periwal International School
University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2026

Parent of Ayushmaan A Kher

College Core helped us identify the colleges that best suited our son’s goals as well as guide him through the whole experience. Ms. Urvashi and her team went way beyond what was required of them and their love for their work was reflected in them getting the job done with care and appreciation for every student. The regular zoom meetings and constant touch on the personal WhatsApp group were a massive advantage.

 The whole college application process was made smooth and understandable, and most importantly, doable. Thanks to the input

and excellent guidance of CollegeCore. Their exemplary professionalism and expertise guided my son through the successful process of college admissions. It was valuable, insightful, and encouraging to let them take the lead in this very important step of our son’s life.

Parent of Ayushmaan A Kher, Vasant Valley School
Princeton University, Class of 2026

Ishan Batra

What I liked the most about the CollegeCore team was their proactiveness and strictness in adhering to the admissions timeline at all times. I always felt I was a step ahead of my peers in my classroom. I would like to thank Urvashi ma’am and her team for their constant support and guidance. They pushed me out of my comfort zone to engage in activities I never had the exposure to. Without them, this journey would have been much harder. I would also like to thank the editorial team for teaching me how to put my thoughts on paper. I learned the importance of personal branding and how it can affect a recruiter’s mind. I am proud to be attending the Sauder School of

Business, the University of British Columbia with 3 scholarship awards totaling CAD 180,000. This achievement would not have been possible without the guidance of CollegeCore team. I highly recommend them to anyone planning to apply to universities anywhere in the world. This is undoubtedly the best investment you can make for your future.

Ishan Batra, Kothari International School
UBC Sauder School of Business, Class of 2026

Tamanna Kothari

Urvashi ma’am and her team were always just a call away. I used to call them to ask for the smallest of details and they were always there for me. My journey with them has improved certain skills of mine, writing in particular. CollegeCore helped me discover my strengths and make the best use of them. It helped me convey my thoughts amazingly through essays. My journey and experience with CollegeCore have positively impacted me and I’m sure it has built a strong foundation for a successful future. My wow moments were when they thought of creative ideas to take my talent ahead. For instance, they gave me the idea to publish my Mandala art book to showcase my interest in that field and organize a business competition in my city to express my inclination towards business and many more such suggestions. These small things really helped in making my application strong.

Tamanna Kothari, Sat Paul Mittal School
Babson College, Class of 2026

Tanishq Agarwal

The sample resumes and applications that were provided helped me get a feel of the entire process. Urvashi ma’am and her teams’ inputs helped me polish my resume, and their advice on how to present myself and my achievements helped my applications stand out, and get accepted at some of my top choices. Furthermore, their guidance in writing the essays, and how to make each of my traits stand out helped me get admitted to UIUC. When I used to compare my achievements to those of my seniors who got into some of the top universities in the world I thought that I could never get to that level. However, the counselors at CollegeCore helped me rediscover my potential. They provided me with many tasks like profile building and CV building which helped me re-evaluate my strengths and restored my confidence.

Tanishq Agarwal, Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram
University of Illinois, Urban Champaign, Class of 2026

Deeksha Gupta

CollegeCore has not only helped me grow as a person – More confident, responsible, and better at time management – but also motivated me to go out of my comfort zone. Urvashi ma’am and her team guided me in planning my activities for each year and made sure I reached my targets by always checking on me and being there for me at any time of the day. Her team helped provide a safe and non-judgemental space for me to open up and show my real self, which was essential in finding the right college for me. I felt valued and accepted and the application process seemed like a breeze with them! During my Common App essay brainstorming session, they helped me build a connection between two very different but significant pieces of my life and I was mind-blown at how they helped me put my exact story and emotions across clearly.

Deeksha Gupta, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
Wellesley College, Class of 2026

Aarnav Jalan

CollegeCore’s result-oriented and practical approach helped me put together a strong application as I navigated the trenches of college admission in the USA. With Ms. Urvashi and her teams’ guidance, I was able to effectively express myself and write compelling essays for over 12 universities. I also appreciated the keen feedback for planning and executing my activities which went from having nothing to having multiple internships, research projects, and leadership initiatives. Closely examining every part of my activities and guiding me to make them further more compelling, CollegeCore helped me put together a stellar activity list. Their planning helped me plan my activities in a way that fit in with my standardized testing and school exam schedule and my applications were done well before my peers in school, all thanks to CollegeCore. Their dedication and attention to detail for every facet of my application truly amazed me. Their collaborative and helpful nature brought out the best in my application and their availability and promptness in solving my doubts or guiding me were what truly differentiated CollegeCore from my previous counselors. Adding to this, the fantastic support system they provided, and their constant reminders to finish tasks demonstrated their genuine concern for every student’s application. Without their help, I would not be holding an acceptance letter today.

Aarnav Jalan, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
University of Virginia, Class of 2026

Baani Bhatnagar

What I liked most is the personal environment where your counselor is so close to you, you can share any doubts/feelings with them without thinking twice and they will guide you and help you with it. I built such a close relationship with my counselor; it will last even after I’ve graduated! Right from the start, CollegeCore takes responsibility for your future. They do more than just help you reach your goals, they completely hand-hold you through the process and will never let you fail, you can depend on them 200%! They know A-Z about what it takes to get accepted into a university and they have ALL the resources. It is because of them that I found a major that is perfect for me, and they have stuck with me to build my CV and make the most of it – picking the activities that I’ve done and suggesting so many more that I need to do. When it came to essays, I would genuinely write what came to my mind and they would edit it to make it sound perfect and super impressive! I started with them as an average candidate who may or may not get accepted into colleges and ended up being accepted in every university I applied to and even got scholarships!! They also spoke to my teachers to help them figure out CommonApp! Apart from college counseling, they also taught me how to write emails/messages properly to get the work done!

Baani Bhatnagar, DPS, Mathura Road
Wellesley College, Class of 2026

Parent of Ishita Vaid

I was truly delighted with CollegeCore’s mentoring during my two years of experience as a parent. The way they handled my daughter and guided her throughout various courses and social projects were commendable. My respect and admiration go out to her mentor who suddenly became a close friend, who took all her calls in the wee hours, discussed everything in the world, and slowly pushed her to do what was required for her application. The way her counselor and the mentor would do a zoom with us at every step explaining the pros and cons was truly praiseworthy.

Parent of Ishita Vaid, Mayo Girls' College, Ajmer
Duke University, Class of 2026

Kanav Atre

If there is one word I could use to describe my past two years with CollegeCore, it would be flawless! The CollegeCore team helped me find my passion in life, self-reflect, and bring out my best and true self in each of my applications. At no point in my CV-building process did I feel that I was doing something just to make myself look good to the admissions committee, and even my essays were edited uniquely. The CollegeCore team was always there for me, and even for the most minor details, I did not have to think twice to message or call them! The transparency, and genuineness that they instilled in my application were amazing. When I came to them, I was just an average high school student and had no idea about the rather complex and difficult application process, and today, even with average grades, I am proud to have been accepted to some of the top CS and engineering colleges. None of this would have been possible without CollegeCore! 🙂

Kanav Atre, DPS Indrapuram
Purdue University, Class of 2026

Parent of Aarnav Jalan

As a parent, I liked the structured approach to the entire admission process. CollegeCore was instrumental in crafting a stellar application efficiently. I appreciated how simple the process was made and the fact that it required minimal intervention from me and my husband in Aarnav’s application process. I wholeheartedly thank Ms. Urvashi and her team for not only their guidance throughout the two years but also the work ethic and dedication they instilled in Aarnav. I deeply appreciated the frequent feedback I received from them regarding all of Aarnav’s activities. CollegeCore did not hesitate to be strict with Aarnav when required. Their disciplinarian style and result-focused approach were crucial to making Aarnav a more disciplined student.

Parent of Aarnav Jalan, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
University of Virginia, Class of 2026

Atin Shankar

I think the personal attention that CollegeCore gives made the difference. Urvashi ma’am and her team were always easy to reach and their suggestions on my profile were always helpful. From the beginning, they drew up a timeline for me, which I think helped me tremendously in building an excellent profile and always staying ahead of things. Initially, I didn’t even know what major to apply for, but Urvashi ma’am and her team not only cleared my doubts but also helped me build a strong CV. Their help in writing essays helped my application stand out. Whether it was brainstorming ideas or finalizing a draft, they were extremely patient and helped me express my story through the essays. I am extremely grateful for the assistance that CollegeCore provided during the whole application process which helped me get into my dream colleges.

Atin Shankar, St. Francis College
University College Dublin, Class of 2026

Parent of Deeksha Gupta

In our nearly two years of association with College Core, we have come to admire not only the extraordinary team headed by Ms. Urvashi Malik but also the ethics, professionalism, dedication, and dynamism with which they work. Under their expert guidance, Deeksha created a unique and impressive profile that helped her land her dream college. There are so many great moments with CollegeCore but if I had to single out one then it would have to be the sample essays that were regularly sent to help Deeksha draft her own. I believe that it helped her tremendously in the process. 

Parent of Deeksha Gupta, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
Wellesley College, Class of 2026

Harsh Vardhan Singhal

I joined CollegeCore as a confused grade 12th student during the final months of the college application process. Urvashi Ma’am and her team helped me brainstorm essay ideas and choose my major. Their dedication helped me overcome the challenges faced in the application process. They helped me with the nitty-gritties of suggesting activities, finalizing the activity list, etc. It is due to their excellent editorial team, with whose help I was able to craft the best possible version of my essays. I got into my dream school with the help of CollegeCore. Will be forever grateful to them.

Harsh Vardhan Singhal, Sanskriti School
University of Illinois, Urban Champaign, Class of 2026

Diya Chawla

It has been a delightful experience. What I liked the most is probably the time-specific schedules. Everything was perfectly timed so that excessive pressure wasn’t felt at any point of the year. I think my wow moment was seeing my essays become magical after the editing. They never lost their essence. Everything about the essay was highlighted most perfectly and subtly.

Diya Chawla, Cambridge International Foundation School
University of British Columbia, Class of 2026

Yuvika Bishnoi

What I liked the most in my experience here was the fact that everyone was extremely approachable and ready to guide you even about the smallest queries. Seeing the final draft of my common app essay with my thoughts and experiences articulated in a way better than I could myself have was one wow moment for me.

Yuvika Bishnoi, Ryan International School
University of Virginia, Class of 2026

Simar Pratap

CollegeCore helped improve my ability to create a plan for my admissions process and execute it well, with excellent guidance along the way. The detail with which my counselor helped me through the entire journey was remarkable.

Simar Pratap, The Shriram School
University of Southern California, Class of 2026

CollegeCore was accessible, could get their advise 24/7 and were ready to answer any queries however small at all times. Their follow up of the student and parent was quite aggressive and priorities were explained in detail. They knew how to push the right buttons with the students as with all kinds of pressures that the students had with their academics and other deadlines. They were able to get what they wanted from the student .

Harvard University, Class of 2025

I don’t think my dream of studying in Stanford would have become a reality had I not had the constant support and advice of the experienced, kind and very responsive team at CollegeCore. They made the process seamless, and they strategic advice and assistance has today ensured that I can live my dream. I cannot recommend them enough.

Stanford University, Class of 2025

Aryaman Babbar
CollegeCore was a terrific experience for me! Their consistent involvement in my application process and warmth exuded by Sonu Kohli ma’am and Urvashi ma’am lent an air of comfort to the process. Their guidance in times of uncertainty and the literary genius of Smita Khanna ma’am helped me craft a fine version of the personal statement I had in mind. I owe tons of literary learning to Smita Khanna ma’am whose writings helped me craft the best versions of my essays. To the entire team of CollegeCore, I extend a heartfelt thanks. I cannot believe I got into my dream university-Oxford!

Aryaman Babbar, Ryan International School
University of Oxford, Class of 2025

Aman Sharma

CollegeCore helped me through the application process with a lot of patience and commitment. Helping me with advice on nitty-gritties such as handling my social media accounts, to important decisions like strategizing my entry through an alternate major, finalizing my college list, or help with structuring my essays, each conversation with Urvashi ma’am was super productive & energetic. But for the midnight Zoom calls with the team to think through my application presentation & projecting my extracurriculars in a unique way, success wouldn’t have been a cakewalk. The right advice at the right time related to each component of application was key to getting into my dream college UPenn. Yes, The roller coaster journey seemed like a smooth road.
Team CollegeCore was always cheery, friendly and approachable and just a phone call away. Their advice and help was pivotal in helping me get into the college of my dreams, and I would recommend CollegeCore to anyone wanting to get into a top university in the US.

Aman Sharma, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2025

I cannot thank the team of CollegeCore enough for everything they helped me with during the last one year. Given the schoolwork, pandemic and extensive application process for US applications, my anxiety and stress levels were high. My counselor, Sonu Ma’am along with Urvashi Ma’am were not only always available for me, but also helped me destress. I cannot thank the ever-smiling Sonu Ma’am enough for her constant hand-holding and patient dealing. CollegeCore rocks!

Cornell University, Class of 2025

Ananya Grover

I loved that the CollegeCore team offered me a comprehensive support system, not only helping me streamline my resume but also recommending tutors for last-minute standardised test-prep, offering their feedback on my ideas for competitions, and suggesting opportunities that would be hard to find independently. CollegeCore made the applications process efficient and structured – a huge plus for my schedule! Most importantly, Urvashi ma’am, Anu ma’am, and team supported me in my attempts to be authentic, helping my natural voice and passions shine through. 

I particularly remember the session where I shared personal stories as potential topics for my Common App essay. Urvashi ma’am’s suggestions at the end of the session helped me craft a unique essay with some of the most honest writing I’ve ever done. I didn’t even care whether admissions officers would like it – I was proud of the piece! 

Ananya Grover, Amity International School
Princeton University, Class of 2024

Vasvi Gupta

CollegeCore Education helped me not only to aspire big but also to work adequately towards the realization of my aspirations. Their constant involvement in the various aspects of college application building, especially essay construction and writing, is what helped me get through my dream school, Columbia University. Charu ma’am has been an essential part of this process and has never failed to encourage me and satisfy my endless inquiries. Urvashi ma’am and her team have been instrumental in the fruition of my dream by guiding me to make prudent choices and take realistic decisions.

Vasvi Gupta, Mayo Girls' College, Ajmer
Columbia University, Class of 2024

Ayush Walia

I was very happy with the attention to detail that my counsellors gave to my extra-curricular activities. Since I was applying to the US, it was important that I portrayed my activities well, so they helped me effectively write my 10 activities in my CA list and also edit my CV in a way which showcases my interest in Business. Moreover, I also liked how they guided me with the edits needed to be made to my website. It is important that I portray it effectively and she helped me to do so with the focus on the most important aspects. In addition to the activities, I was also very happy with the standardized test suggestions given by the team. Since that was my weak area, Ms Anu continuously suggested what best needs to be done and accordingly helped me shortlist my universities- which was very important !

Ayush Walia, Dubai International Academy, Dubai
NYU Stern School of Business, Class of 2024

Ishita Nagar

CollegeCore helped me achieve my goal of getting into University of Toronto. It was fun working with the team especially Anshruta who has been a constant help in completing my applications.

Ishita Nagar, Welham Girls’ School
University of Toronto (International Relations), Class of 2021

Inayat Singh

I got in touch with CollegeCore right in the middle of 12th grade. Seeing the cut offs in India, I was feeling as thought I might not end up in a good college after all. After meeting with Urvashi Ma’am, I felt much at ease. A lot of things were clear in my mind and the day after meeting with Ma’am, I got the entire list of colleges and programs where I could apply. They made the work much simpler for me. I was always in constant touch with Charu Ma’am through mail or calls. Another great thing about CollegeCore was that they were very honest with their feedback. If they thought something should’ve been on the essay or something shouldn’t have been, they would always tell me to delete or add them. Urvashi Maam, Charu Ma’am were both always a phone call away. They were always very, very prompt in replying to our emails and that was amazing. Yes I am happy with the end result. I applied to 7 colleges and I’ve got acceptances from 6 of them. This wouldn’t have been possible without CollegeCore. Thank you for helping me and guiding me every step of the way. I already had a lot of pressure of 12th grade, you guys just helped me reduce some aspects of it.

Ps: I loved coming to your office. I got pizza and cake 😛

Inayat Singh, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
University of Toronto (Psychology), Class of 2020

Aditya B

CollegeCore has an excellent admissions process that provides direction to those uncertain about their potential. They are a great help with college essays, brainstorming ideas, editing and workshopping them. Their efforts helped me produce my best resulting in excellent admits to colleges including Dartmouth, Cornell and Yale-NUS with a full scholarship. Excellent job college application planning, helping busy grade 12 students like myself stay on track.

Aditya B, The Doon School
Cornell University, SHA and Dartmouth College, Class of 2020

Kairavi B

Marks, activities,
community service and more.
Research, essays
and standardized tests galore.

How will we keep up?
And become better than best.
Who will help us
become better than the rest?

Who will help us realize
where we truly belong?
Who will make sure
that we aren’t going wrong?

It all seems impossible
“I won’t get in anywhere for sure!”
Not if you have the support
from the team at college core.

They hold your hand
and smoothly take you till the end.
They become more than teachers,
more like family or friends.

They pick up the call
at every odd hour.
They have answer to every question,
even if it’s really bizarre.

They listen to your stories
and show genuine interest.
They suggest creative ideas
for you to become your best.

They go over tiny details
and leave no confusion in your mind.
They keep reminding even when you don’t reply
and somehow still remain kind.
They excite you with emails
about every university.
But they help you choose the one
where you eventually want to be.

They hold group sessions
where we all have so much fun.
We eat, chat, laugh
but still get all the work done.

They go over every essay
again and again
Whether its ten essays for Stanford
or just one for UPenn.

I had my eyes set on a college,
It was where I had to be.
It’s only because of them
I have my admit letter from USC.

This process that was supposed to be scary
and difficult to get through.
Was fairly easy and enjoyable
because of all of you.

Thank you ma’am and team
for all you did for us
For going the extra mile.
For never creating a fuss.

We’ve reached a stage when
we may not need you anymore.
But we’ve started a new friendship
and will keep in touch for sure!

Kairavi B, The Shri Ram School, Moulsari
USC, Class of 2020

Aditri Bhagirath

After visiting several counselors and receiving the same reply, “No, we have never sent anyone to a tier one college but that’s going to change with you!” I finally found Urvashi ma’am. My first visit with her removed any residual doubts I had.

The best part of my CollegeCore experience was the endless discussions I had with Disha for my essays. I remember being frequently stumped by prompts like “Is my art plagiarism or revolution?” or “What’s the most quintessential aspect of my life?” and simultaneously having daily existential crises during the stressful application season. But through all of this, Disha was ALWAYS available for discussions. Those 1 a.m. calls spurred my creativity, and the frequent and timely rounds of editing made my essays truly spectacular.

With the help of their unwavering support, I got into a lot of my dream schools including Johns Hopkins, Brown, Berkeley, Cornell and ultimately Carnegie Mellon

Aditri Bhagirath, Sanskriti School
Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2020

Vasvi Bharat Ram

Working with Urvashi was a fabulous experience. They have been more like friends and have held Kairavi’s hand during every step of the admission process. What was most touching for me was how concerned they were that Kairavi should get her dream college. The results were coming out when we were in Japan but even then Disha was constantly in touch, checking in again and again to see if Kairavi has heard back from USC. Their personal interest and involvement made all the difference.

CollegeCore is such a happy and welcoming place for the kids. Thanks for everything!

Vasvi Bharat Ram, Mother of Kairavi Bharat Ram
USC, Class of 2020

Archana Shanker Srivastava

What I liked most about CollegeCore was that they don’t work with students in isolation. Parents are copied on every mail and aren’t kept in the dark as to which colleges their child is applying to. Urvashi is as accessible to parents as she is to students about any doubts that they may have. Usually, parents are unacquainted with the college application process and Urvashi made it easier by breaking the entire process down. I would strongly recommend CollegeCore to all parents who want to explore the possibility of their child applying abroad.

Archana Shanker Srivastava, Mother of Rishab Srivastava
University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2020

Vedant Sood

As a student in London, what stood out was the flexibility CollegeCore provided. Flexibility in terms of geography and time-zone but also in terms of taking on my application at a late stage. They offered fantastic guidance with how to best portray the summative result of what my high school experience had lead to in the various essays and CV requirements, and they made the entire process of applying far less stressful for a 2nd year IB Diploma Candidate as myself, which was a welcome reduction in workload. They were also very adjusting with their communication and the obvious time difference and geographical barrier for someone going to high school in England seemed non existent with relation to the commitment that the team put into each response and follow up. All in all, I’m very glad to have had them handle my case so late, and to have their guidance see me off into an institution I’ve dreamed of attending for a few years now. Cheers!

Vedant Sood, ACS Cobham International School
University of Chicago, Class of 2020

Asavari Sharma

When I first started out with the entire process, the most daunting aspect of it seemed to be the shortlisting of colleges and actually finding the ones that were “me”. CollegeCore played their part here to make this concern a negligible one for me with the master table of colleges/universities that they formulated on the basis of my profile and preferences. This helped me clearly evaluate where I stood and what measures I needed to take to make it to each of those schools.

Every and any question I had throughout the process was addressed to my satisfaction either through a phone call or a text or an email or a Skype session. I also remember a particular Skype session with Urvashi Ma’am a day before one of my first interviews. She took a mock interview for me and also sent across a list of all possible questions and topics of discussion that can arise via email.

Other than that, Urvashi Ma’am and the team are extremely kind and really care about their students. They are gentle and firm all at the same time and are always striving to bring the best out of their students.

Asavari Sharma, The Shri Ram School, Moulsari
Sarah Lawrence University, Class of 2020

Before working with CollegeCore, I had no idea about the application process. Urvashi ma’am was very accessible and is always ready to guide me. From editing essays to small doubts, CollegeCore has always been brilliant with their work. I still remember ma’am calling me to her house on a Sunday to help me since the deadline was approaching. I’m glad I chose CollegeCore.

Maahin Puri, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
Duke University, Class of 2020

While working with college core I always felt a sense of trust and confidence that Rohan will be provided the best guidance ever. And that was exactly true. Urvashi provided expert guidance starting from initial meetings right through the end of the process where admissions results were declared. The team was always accessible, responsive, kind, effective and above all is extremely knowledgeable in their work. What I experienced is that they completely treated Rohan’s admission process as their own. Their sense of oneness with their students and their expertise in their field is their USP. God bless Urvashi, Disha and the team. I am so glad we chose CollegeCore.

With lots of love, a very Happy Parent.

Amrita Kapoor, Mother of Rohan Kapoor
USC, Class of 2020

Manasvi Verma

The admission process is undoubtedly tedious and seems to be quite daunting at first but with CollegeCore’s step by step guidance, I think I sailed through with few scars. Initially I was quite clueless about what to write for my CommonApp essay but post the brainstorming session with Urvashi ma’am, ideas just seemed to flow and I’ve got to give credit to her amazing knack for understanding her students. I would also like to thank editors whose feedback on my essays was invaluable. Thank you CollegeCore!

Manasvi Verma, Mother's International School
Washington University, St. Louis, Class of 2020

Karan Newatia

To a procrastinator like myself, the entire application process seems overwhelming and daunting. Thanks to the constant support and guidance provided by the entire CollegeCore team, I was able to complete my application in time and get into my dream colleges.

The essay brainstorming session was the best because it gave me a plethora of ideas for my essays. Also, the response time of the feedback provided by the editing team left me dumbstruck. Urvashi ma’am motivated me at each stage and cleared even the most trivial doubts I had. As a student in boarding school without having my parents to support me, I truly got into my dream college is proof enough that the CollegeCore team is amazing and dedicated. I earnestly recommend it to anyone interested in applying abroad.

Karan Newatia, DPS, RK Puram
Cornell University, Class of 2020

Shankar Salwan

Before joining CollegeCore, I felt the application process was a mechanical processes- start an application, write essays and submit. When I signed up with CollegeCore, this process was not mechanical at all, it became a process for me to introspect. I was never a good writer and I still believe I’m not the best, but working on my essays with CollegeCore made the process enjoyable. I found a new me through the various edits and brainstorming sessions. My admissions would’ve been a complete disaster without having the CollegeCore team behind me during the applications process. While my admissions in the end weren’t what I expected, I escaped the treacherous task of making a decision between many colleges and got one that I feel is the best fit for me. If I could give CollegeCore a slogan it would be: “Anytime and with a smile, the most effective help a student will ever get.”

Shankar Salwan, Vasant Valley School
Northwestern University, Class of 2020

Anahita Sehgal

I felt at ease working with CollegeCore; the US admissions is a process that is intimidating to say the least. Urvashi Ma’am, Disha and Piyali helped me sail through the tests, the apps, the essays, the unavoidable problems and most importantly my anxiety.

I remember sitting in the office trying to mould my Common App Essay to somehow make it hit. I had the content but the structure was shaky. Urvashi ma’am had told me to take a break, I went downstairs to get a brownie I would share with Charu, and somehow with that Brownie came the essay epiphany too.

In my opinion, what is unique about CollegeCore is the bond they form with the student. I remember somewhere midway in the process, I began trusting their instincts over my own. I saw Urvashi ma’am as my life guard and Piyali as my go-to person. Applications come at a stage of school life where everything seems overwhelming; CollegeCore helps you sail your boat and reach to the shore safely.

Anahita Sehgal, Step by Step School
University of California, Los Angeles, Class of 2020

Arushi Kucchal

Before working with CollegeCore, I was extremely dubious and apprehensive about the application process. I had no concrete idea of what I was doing and CollegeCore helped me figure out exactly that.

In the midst of a tightly-packed boarding school schedule and lack of communication means, it was very essential for me to have access to an organized guidance program and that is exactly what I received from Mrs. Urvashi Malik and her team.

I would like to give a special shout-out to Ms. Disha Malik, who very patiently and methodically read my million essay drafts, be it in the middle of the night. Both Ms. Charu and Ms. Harleen were extremely efficient and made sure that my resumes and letters of recommendation were updated.

From filling my CommonApp to finally choosing my future college, they were there through it all. I am very grateful to CollegeCore!

Arushi Kucchal, Welham Girls’ School
University of Michigan, Class of 2020

Rishab Srivastava

The US application process can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. When combined with the ambiguous information on the Internet can deter an applicant. CollegeCore provides only pertinent information and gives accurate and helpful advice. What I loved most about CollegeCore was how approachable and friendly the entire team was! I remember how I had messed up my CommonApp report and within minutes, Urvashi ma’am sorted it out.

CollegeCore’s unique working style combines professional guidance with personalized attention to every applicant. I’m more than pleased with the end result and I believe that CollegeCore played a pivotal role in my securing admission not only into a number of top colleges but also my dream college. I would wholeheartedly recommend CollegeCore to anyone interested in applying abroad!

Rishab Srivastava, Amity International School
University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2020

Shrey Gupta

Urvashi ma’am and the entire CollegeCore team helped me immensely throughout the whole application process. Applying to the US which seemed like an impossible task was made easy by the step by step guidance that I got at CollegeCore. If it wasn’t for the brainstorming sessions, my essays wouldn’t have been half as good. Even though I was unsure of myself, they never gave up and was always there to help. I remember that my Pomona essay was a little off beat and so I wasn’t too sure about it, but their enthusiastic feedback made me feel proud of my writing.

Thanks again to the entire CollegeCore team for everything. I had so many choices, both in India and the US, and I was able to make the right one for me.

Shrey Gupta, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
Ashoka University, Class of 2020

Mahi Roy

I was totally lost and didn’t know where to start. The CollegeCore team really helped me figure stuff out. They helped me decide which college was the best fit for me and it was an amazing experience. Everyone says that the application process is stressful but with CollegeCore it was just fun! When I was ready with my CommonApp essay before most of my friends and actually pretty happy with it. That was my wow moment. What stands out about the CollegeCore team for me is way they deal with their students. It isn’t just professional and only work related. They treat us just like friends and we can talk about almost anything with them.

Mahi Roy, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya
Carleton College, Class of 2020

Vedant Vohra

With your constant and unwavering support, an admissions process so tedious was made a complete breeze for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better college, and definitely could not have asked for a better way to get there.

More than that, I don’t believe anybody cares about their students as much as you do. I still remember the one day you called my mother just to ask if I was eating enough. There are some things that one never forgets, this is one of them.

Thank you so much for everything, ma’am.

Vedant Vohra, Step by Step School
Pomona College, Class of 2019

Aashna Aggarwal

It was an amazing experience working with CollegeCore and I am extremely happy that I got the opportunity to work with an amazing team. Everything from essays and managing my time to finalizing my college list was well taken care of.

Aashna Aggarwal
Duke University, Class of 2019

Arnav Agarwal

Before joining CollegeCore, I was very confused about the admission process in general. The resources available on the internet, although abundant, are usually very vague and contradictory. CollegeCore proved to be a huge help in deciding my colleges and in optimally utilizing the Early Action opportunity. Perhaps the best part about CollegeCore is that Urvashi ma’am always provides detailed feedback on essays within two days. This allowed me to constantly rewrite my essays multiple times, each essay being better than the previous one. Now when I look at the first draft and the final version, I realize how much of a difference it has made!

Arnav Agarwal
Princeton University, Class of 2019

Eesha Khanna

Before entering grade 12, I was confused and overloaded with work. Neither did I have my test scores in order nor was I completely sure about what I wanted to pursue. Once I joined CollegeCore, Urvashi ma’am made a month-wise schedule for me. All pumped up, I put a print-out of the schedule on my study table and swore to follow it religiously.

But life never goes according to a plan, does it? Till October, I didn’t have a good SAT/ACT score. Drowning in a load of essays and studies, I thought all my other achievements would go wasted. But Urvashi ma’am motivated me and told me not to underestimate myself.

My favourite part about CollegeCore is the easy accessibility and prompt essay editing. Even if I had a small, stupid doubt, I could call Urvashi ma’am and she would help me out. I remember this one time when I had to submit an LOR early the next morning and Urvashi ma’am helped me edit it late at night! I loved visiting Urvashi ma’am for my essays, not just because the brainstorming sessions would be extremely fruitful, but also because I would get to eat at KFC right after the meeting! The personal connect that Urvashi ma’am has with her students is amazing and I’m really glad that I joined CollegeCore. I’m more than happy with the end result because I got into so many of my dream colleges.

Eesha Khanna
Cornell University, Class of 2019

Amiya Narula

Before starting the whole college process, I was uncertain where I wanted to apply, how many schools I wanted to apply to and what kind of schools would be within my reach as well as desirable to me. Sitting down and weighing pros and cons of schools with respect to my individual application and brainstorming on essay ideas with Urvashi ma’am, gave me so much clarity as to what I wanted and how to address the application process.

I really enjoyed working with College Core. The deadlines that were set for me, helped me organise myself well before I would’ve if I had gone through the process on my own and helped me out in terms of finalising all my essays well before time.

I definitely think my essay brainstorming session was a ‘wow’ moment for me, as I never realised how much I could do with my essays in terms of expressing myself through my experiences. I really enjoyed that session as well. Another ‘wow’ moment was also receiving the admissions letters (haha).

I am very happy as I got into my first choice school after applying Early Decision 1 (something I don’t think I would’ve been able to be organised for in time on my own ) and I also got into my top choice school in the UK.

I believe that the prompt responses as well as personalised attention to my application as well as all of my essays, makes working with you unique and the fact that even though I was all the way across the world, I could still count on you for help through Skype and very quick email responses.

Amiya Narula, Costa Rica
Claremont McKenna College, Class of 2019

Arjun Soin

Working with Urvashi ma’am, was without a doubt the turning point for my application to colleges in the US. Today, it is nearly impossible for me to even imagine acceptance to top-notch universities without their guidance. My essays were edited and discussed with such great attention to detail that I was able to bring forth the very best of my own writing. Needless to say, this ensured that my essays accurately reflected the person I am, something that is a must for any applicant.

College core’s logistical help – from compiling extra-curriculars in an organized fashion, to minute grammatical details that only make one’s application closer to perfect, to even reporting the correct examination grades – was absolutely unmatchable.

For me, the most striking aspect of my experience with College Core was the way Urvashi ma’am helped me transform my interests and hobbies into something much larger and more meaningful: demonstrated interest for my subject of choice.

Besides, the fact that Urvashi ma’am was always accessible and available to discuss, whether over the phone or skype – made it so much easier for me to expedite the whole process

Arjun Soin, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
Stanford University, Class of 2019

Aavik Pakrasi

Before I started working with CollegeCore, the application process seemed confusing and vague and impossible to understand. CollegeCore presented the steps of the process to me in a very clear and organised fashion. With their help, the insurmountable wall that I had perceived the application to be, fell into place as but a series of stepping stones. Their unique manner of organisation and direction helped shape my ambitions and helped me focus. In the end, I have nothing but gratitude for the CollegeCore Team, because with their help I managed to gain admission into my top choice college JHU to pursue Biomedical Engineering.

Aavik Pakrasi, DPS, RK Puram
John Hopkins University, Class of 2018

When I had started thinking in terms of college, I had no idea about the process. However, signing up with college core was one of the best things I did. Thanks to the constant guidance and encouragement provided by Urvashi ma’am, I have finally made it to my dream college. The best part about CollegeCore is the personal level at which you work with ma’am and the amount of attention that is paid to your application. She has been always there to answer the most minor queries at any time of the day. Her faith in my abilities and the motivation that she provided at every step is something that I value the most. The approach has been so professional, strategic and detail oriented. My association with CollegeCore has been wonderful and valuable. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in applying abroad!

Jahanvi S, Welham Girls’ School
Wharton Business School, Class of 2018

US Applications were a mystery to me when I started the process, but working with Urvashi ma’am and CollegeCore made the whole process really simple and fun. The best thing about working with CollegeCore was that both Urvashi ma’am and Charu ma’am were really approachable! I could ask the stupidest question and still get a straight faced answer !!

Vikramaditya Maheshwari, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya
Georgia Tech Polytechnic, Class of 2018

Jai Saran Choudhary

There were a number of benefits of working with Urvashi ma’am and CollegeCore. For a chronic procrastinator like myself, her constant reminders and push to be organised were extremely helpful. I think her editors did an excellent job with my essays, maintaining the main idea whilst making changes. The feedback time on the essays was remarkable as well (within 3-4 days). But I think what truly gives Urvashi ma’am an edge over other counsellors is that despite being supportive and caring, she’s realistic and tells you exactly what she feels regarding your college choices and essays.

Jai Saran Choudhary, Step by Step School
University of Chicago, Class of 2018

Shiv Sakhuja

The college application process can be very overwhelming and complicated to navigate through. CollegeCore and Urvashi ma’am were there to guide me through it every step of the way. They were a tremendous help, offering the best of advice and paying attention to each and every detail of the application.  The timeline prepared by CollegeCore really helped to break down the process into individual tasks with deadlines. CollegeCore provided the guidance I needed to secure admission into my dream school.

Shiv Sakhuja, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
Columbia University, Class of 2018

Yaashna Kapoor

The process of applying to colleges in USA is extremely challenging, however with Urvashi mam and her teams support it appeared to be a cake walk. Her helpful and understanding nature, experience and vast knowledge was extremely useful while filling in college applications. Over the span of one year she has nurtured me and helped me blossom into a successful individual by guiding me and helping me not only get into a number of top colleges but also help me achieve my dream school Cornell SHA.

I thank her for all her support and guidance without which I would have never achieved my goals.

Yaashna Kapoor, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
Cornell University, SHA, Class of 2018

Zoravar Singh

Before I started the US admissions process, I was confused by the vast amount of essays and forms required in the process. Due to this, I decided to work with Urvashi ma’am as my counsellor and her guidance helped me out greatly in navigating the labyrinth of applications and dates . Furthermore her personal one on one workshop for the CommonApp essay was amazing, and I do believe that my Commonapp essay made a significant impact on my application.

Zoravar Singh, Sanskriti School
USC, Class of 2018

Sanjana Sethi

I began the application process overcome with feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty. However, Urvashi Ma’am’s stoic belief in me was unrelenting. Her constant encouragement reposed in me,  confidence to take the challenge head on. And it was her calm demeanour that was a guiding force through this daunting process. I sincerely thank Urvashi Ma’am and the CollegeCore team for their round-the-clock assistance, timely advice and meaningful suggestions. Seeking the tremendous opportunity of education at a school of my dreams, wouldn’t have been possible without CollegeCore. Thank you and all the best!

Sanjana Sethi, DPS, RK Puram
Cornell University, Class of 2018

Ritwik Bansal

I was really sceptical whether I would get into a college but the CollegeCore Team guided me through every step whether it was GPA , the right colleges to suit my interests, LORs, SAT Scores, Essays etc. A process that usually spans over 2 years, I was able to complete in just 1 month because of the dedicated team, I was extremely overwhelmed when I got into UCLA, UVA and USC thanks to Urvashi & Charu Ma’am. I am really grateful to Urvashi Ma’am for taking me despite being very very late. To sum it up I couldn’t have been more happy and CollegeCore took me a step closer to my dreams.

Ritwik Bansal, St. Columba’s School
University of Virginia, Class of 2018

Aman Raghuvanshi

The admission process to colleges in the United States is neither predictable nor easy. To remain on track and understand some of its most relevant intricacies, one requires two things: guidance and fortitude. Individual effort by itself is a rudderless ship; one must be able to target that effort on specific tasks at specific times to ace it, and that needs guidance. A rudder. Urvashi ma’am and the College Core team were that rudder. Over a year and several meetings, what we established was a clear quid-pro-quo; I put in my share of work, and the team puts in theirs to ensure minimal wastage. Countless essay edits, frantic phone calls and a dozen acceptance letters later, I can confidently recommend the this consultancy to anyone.

Colleges where I was admitted: UC-Berkeley, Claremont McKenna, WashU (Olin), Rice (50% merit scholarship), UCLA, Wesleyan, UNC Chapel Hill, UCSD, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz (Regents), UIUC

Aman Raghuvanshi, Sanskriti School
Claremont McKenna College, Class of 2018

Meghna Chadha

My experience with CollegeCore and the entire application process has been absolutely wonderful. Urvashi ma’am has been a guide, mentor and motherly figure, who has been there for me throughout, even when I didn’t send her my essays on time or was freaking out about meeting deadlines. Charu Ma’am and Urvashi ma’am have been friends and guides from the very beginning. When the discussions came out, finalizing on a college and deciding on NYU , it finally made me realize the long way I’ve come from when I started and how long a way I have to go. It’s been absolutely wonderful and I’m very thankful and appreciative of all the help and guidance I’ve received!

Meghna Chadha, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
New York University, Class of 2018

Tarika Jain

Well I was recommended by a friend so I had full faith in the services. You made my decisions easier. The services were very good that made all the college application process easy going. I got admission in four colleges, so the results were fantastic! The process went smoothly which didn’t disturb much of my 12th class studies. I got into Parsons, that was a wow moment for me.

Tarika Jain, Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan
Parsons School of Design, Class of 2018

Krishna Mittal

Isn’t it too late to apply to US Colleges ? All my classmates have even finished with most of their essays and tests! I don’t even know how to approach this whole process! Shall I give up? Well Urvashi Ma’am made me realize that the answer to these questions was an emphatic “No” . The whole team not only personally instructed about the step-by –step approach, but also ensured that I complete the required tasks on time. The one-on-one brainstorming session with Urvashi Ma’am provided enough kinetic energy to my otherwise resistive mind. Moreover, the team’s sample essays told me a lot about where mine relatively stood. I was able to concentrate more on doing things, rather than thinking what to do! The team converged all complications into a cakewalk. Being a programmer, I would like to conclude with a semicolon ; I guess that Kinetic Energy is still there.

Krishna Mittal, G D Goenka Public School
University of Illinois, Urban Champaign, Class of 2018

Parent’s Feedback

We would like to thank you for all the help for securing Aryaman’s place at UPenn SEAS for 2014, amongst many others. We benefited immensely from your very personalized inputs into all our questions and helped us to chart our route towards Aryaman’s first choice of university.

The decision on what and how of so many aspects of the admission process were clarified by you with such great patience. We specifically feel that your help in forming the basis of essay selection and the logic for what otherwise appeared a very obscure choice of topic was brilliant.

Your accessibility throughout the period and many anxious moments was a great help.

I strongly recommend other young aspirants for US Colleges, to avail CollegeCore’s services and your wisdom.

Sonali & Manit Rastogi

Parent’s of Aryaman Vir
British School, Class of 2018

Navya Malik

Ever since my decision to study abroad was finalised at the beginning of Grade 12 Urvashi ma’am acted as a mentor at every step and guided me through applications that seemed nearly impossible to complete. Thanks to her and the entire CollegeCore Team, I got through to my dream college. I am now UCLA bound! I thoroughly enjoyed the fruitful relationship I shared with ma’am.


Navya Malik, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
University of California, Los Angeles, Class of 2018

Vasundhara Mathur

There is a huge amount of confidence and comfort you get from having someone with you at every step of admission process. CollegeCore provided me with all the support I needed and more – whether it was deciding which colleges to apply or to writing the essay’s – they were there. The most amazing part was how they took the trouble to understand the kind of person I am and what I wanted before giving me advice. Overall I had a wonderful experience and ended up in a college that is the perfect fit for me.

Vasundhara Mathur, DPS, Noida
Vassar College, Class of 2018