Tanmay Garg

I joined CollegeCore in 9th grade ever since then Urvashi ma’am and her team has played a huge role in building my profile at every step of the journey. Though very motivated about my passions, I tend to procrastinate a lot but she and her team always helped me adhere to all my deadlines and exposed me to various fun competitions I could participate in. They made sure no leaf was left unturned. Their tremendous efforts have helped me gain admission to my dream university, Stanford for Computer Science! Their network of current and graduated college students is a great resource and their essays which helped them gain admission were a great reference for me when I was writing mine. Also, the personalized and meticulous planning and discussions that went into brainstorming essay ideas and editing my CV were so helpful!

Tanmay Garg, Step by Step School
Stanford University, Class of 2026

Varyam Gupta

Amidst the flurry of dilemmas and complex situations that the college application process threw at us, CollegeCore was always there to help us make informed decisions. In addition to helping with the administrative work required to apply to the US via CommonApp, I think CollegeCore was extremely impactful in helping me with my college essays and consolidating hours of extra-curricular work and describing them in mere 150 characters. I believe what helped me in achieving my goals was the individualized and personal help I received from CollegeCore. Accessibility, in terms of having the option to call them any day of the week or having regular group meetings with Urvashi Ma’am, was crucial in helping me stay in touch with my college application requirements and meet deadlines to the best of my abilities. I was really happy with the essay editing and ideating process. They helped turn around my essays, making them both grammatically and creatively sound. I was also very grateful to have edits made on my essays even after I missed deadlines and right before the application deadlines.

Varyam Gupta, The Doon School
Huntsman Program, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2026

Ayushmaan Aashish Kher

CollegeCore helped simplify a rather complex process of applying to a variety of universities, each with their unique way of reviewing applicants. Long college lists can be incredibly daunting at first, but CollegeCore streamlines the process of finding your perfect fit and then working towards presenting your strengths and potential in the best possible light. They excel in their level of engagement with each student. I spent hours debating potential colleges and majors with the team, analyzing even the smallest details. I’m sure all the debate and discussion ultimately led to an informed decision about applying to my dream universities.

Ayushmaan Aashish Kher, Vasant Valley School
Princeton University, Class of 2026

Divyansh Jain

CollegeCore has been the best help in my college application journey that I could ask for. I have found their advice and structured process to be the most efficient. As someone who required financial assistance to pursue undergraduate studies in the U.S., I had an additional pressure to make my applications perfect. They were instrumental in curating a perfect list of colleges for me to apply to, while keeping financial aid and scholarships as the top priority. They also provided me guidance to strengthen my profile. The most helpful part of my journey with Collegecore was all the help with the essays.

Even though I was in a different time zone CollegeCore always ensured that effective communication was carried out. I am extremely grateful to Urvashi ma’am and her team for all the guidance throughout the process. CollegeCore deserves a huge credit in enabling me to attend my dream Duke University with a full scholarship!

Divyansh Jain, Leysin American School Switzerland
Duke University, Class of 2026

Parent of Ansh Mehta

Urvashi and her team work seamlessly. They bring amazing clarity of thought to the entire admissions process that translates into an ideal target list of colleges. They evaluate each student based on his/her requirements & provide customized advice while gently guiding the students towards fulfilling the requirements and admission deadlines. They were never overbearing & came across more like friends & mentors through the whole process. Bringing out the best in the child & helping him discover his strengths.

Parent of Ansh Mehta, Vasant Valley School
Cornell University, Class of 2026

Aditya Sharma

The majority of the credit for opportunities reflected on my CV is to CollegeCore. Registering myself a post-10th grade, they understood my strengths and weaknesses; understanding that the college process is based on mastering your strengths but also highlighting working on one’s weaknesses. This core understanding, as belonging to the name ‘CollegeCore’, made it possible for me to get into UC Berkeley, my dream school since 9th. Their immense dedication to building their student’s profiles is admirable. Even though we resided on two different continents, they made sure to never make me feel the time difference. The calls were focused on building my profile to shine out among many of my competitors. I was specifically impressed by their feedback on my business models- whether it was understanding the market or reading the 18 page long Business plan.

Aditya Sharma, Indian School Al Ghubra
University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2026

Krishnav Singhal

I feel that CollegeCore’s focus on shaping a ‘story’ from my profile was extremely fruitful. By studying my profile and subsequently suggesting other activities I could participate in, Urvashi Ma’am and her team helped me make my profile more fluid and easy to navigate. Since I joined CollegeCore extremely late, I did not have the time to participate in a lot of new activities. However, I felt that I was able to extract most out of what I already had with CollegeCore’s help. Had this help not been present, I would not have been able to convert a descriptive paragraph about my involvement in art into a design portfolio, one that significantly augmented my application to Georgia Tech. Most importantly, I found myself working on a college list that was well-researched and informative. Insights that students commonly miss like class sizes and the cost of attendance were covered very well. Hence, I felt confident when applying to universities in US and UK. CollegeCore’s commitment to progressing and regressing my profile wherever needed was an experience I will always relish.

Krishnav Singhal, The Doon School
Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2026

Shubhav Suri

At first, the thought of applying to the US was intimidating, but Urvashi Maam and her team made the entire process so effortless. Over the years, they have understood me very well and have made me maximize my potential. Their in-depth knowledge and strategies of planning helped me manage my academics while building up strong applications. They helped me identify my strengths and perfectly laid down the path for me to follow. They would clear all my doubts, no matter how minor they were. The way they found a connection between my life’s experiences to the college-specific essays was remarkable. Their standards of working and the level of engagement in my life was phenomenal. Getting into some of the top-ranked colleges made me believe more in myself and my capabilities. CollegeCore fully equips you to be a competitive applicant to any college you apply to. I highly recommend CollegeCore to anyone who is looking to apply abroad!

Shubhav Suri, Mayo College Ajmer
University of California, Los Angeles, Class of 2026