DELHI – For undergraduate studies abroad, you need to start planning even before finishing school. 

There are several factors to be considered, explains Urvashi Malik of CollegeCore Education. Start by shortlisting a university and make sure you go beyond the top five. “Consider personal fit also. Is the environment too competitive? A student I know was top of her class here but struggled really hard for three months after moving to Singapore,” says Malik. Location is an important factor – some universities are located in very cold climes.


The US is the most expensive. Though, as Urvashi Malik explains, there are several types of financial-aid—need-based, merit-based—available. But still, Arora reminds, your best bet is to “put together a really strong application” because appeal for scholarship is also a deterrent.


Higher education in Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong were also covered. As Disha Malik explained, Singapore is “very competitive”, Hong Kong presents a lot of employment opportunities and Australia and New Zealand are relatively easier as they have fewer international applicants and, as a result, the campuses are not as diverse.

Source – The Times of India
Dated – June 10, 2015