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Rejected: Class of 2021


Apr 1st, 2017. You wish someone would jump out and yell “April Fools Day!!!!” but they didn’t. #IvyDay has come and gone. Your dream school has crushed those elaborate castles of whimsy you had built in your head about your lives together. And life plain SUCKS. Like SUCKS!!

Rejection 2

They built you up with posts saying “COME TO US!” only to rip you right down to this stage.

Dealing with rejection is difficult. Most students take it personally that they were turned down. Some compare it to a break up. They feel like the “Sorry we can’t offer you a place in the Class of 2021…” really stands for “You Suck” but nothing could be further from that. And we aren’t just trying to make you feel better.

Hell, check out Frank Bruni’s awesome article on this from last year – College Admissions Shocker. 

Its not you, it really IS THEM! It becomes a game of Supply and Demand really – too many students are applying and there are only a handful of seats available.

So take a little time to feel upset – you worked hard for it. But then, pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Accept that this may be the first big rejection but that life hasn’t come to a standstill. You may do incredibly well in the college you have been accepted to and that could set you on a path for success. You could perhaps even apply to your dream college for grad school (applications? AGAIN?) Really though, embrace the school that embraced you and move on.

In case you are stuck in Waitlist Limbo, check out our advice on working through the 5 stages of Grief.

Do Colleges Rescind Your Admissions?

Rescind Offer

IB exams JUST ended and ISC Board results are already out! While we eagerly await the CBSE Board results at the end of this month, you begin to wonder, “Were your exams good enough?”

After working like a crazy person in high school, taking the SAT’s / ACT’s and finally receiving your college acceptance letter, it’s enticing to slack off and treat your college admission as a go-ahead to senioritis (basically means decreased motivation to study nearing the end of high school).

BUT… wait a second! It’s not over yet. Colleges can still rescind your application after they’ve accepted you. For those of you who stopped reading your college acceptance letters at “Congratulations” take another look, it says something along these lines “conditional on the successful completion of your final year in high school.”

Here are a few things you should AVOID at all costs to avoid admission rescission:

1) Drop in your grades:

RO Study

Colleges will not rescind your application in case there is a slight dip in your grades but if they plummet, there is a high possibility. Although you might think “How would the college find out about your grades?” It’s because the college you enroll with receives a Final Report at the end of the year with your high school transcripts.

Here is what happens – any grade lower than a C will make the colleges question. They will NOT cancel outright. They will send an email or request for information on the same. Be open, honest and don’t make excuses. Definitely don’t lie or say you were ill if you weren’t. Not only is this dishonest, I firmly believe it’s a karmic nightmare. In the case of the Math CBSE for example, send them a compilation of the articles illustrating that this grade isn’t an accurate reflection of your academic abilities. It’s ok, you WILL make it through this too.

2) NO to Illegal Activities:

RO Illegal

This goes without saying. Anything illegal is not received well by colleges. Even if you feel like “it’s a one time experience” or that “you’d never get caught”. For example, colleges frown upon getting suspended for drug or alcohol abuse.

3) NO breaking School Rules:

RO Cheat

School rules must be treated with caution. This includes avoiding cheating, plagiarism or disciplinary actions taken against behavioral issues.  That’s not what universities want to hear about.

4) Social Media:

RO Social

Don’t put up elicit photos of yourself on social media sites or apps that you don’t want colleges to look at.

Besides this, try to keep up the work you’re already doing and try to keep the excitement alive for when you actually go away to college!

Waitlist Limbo


So, you got waitlisted. There is a special feeling of overwhelming frustration that descends upon the students that are stuck in admissions purgatory (waitlisted), so here are a few do’s and don’ts to get yourself off the waitlist. To make things more interesting, lets examine how you should approach the 5 Stages of Waitlist Grief.

Denial –

Waitlist - Shock

You were top of your class. You kicked ass in your extracurriculars. Maybe the SAT / ACT could have been higher but you should have got it. Maybe you expected to get in and not seeing an obvious “Congratulations” left you staring at the computer screen in shock. It’s not you, admissions are getting more and more competitive each year.

Anger –

Waitlist - anger

“THIS IS SO UNFAIR!” That’s usually the reaction following the first foray into the blackhole of forums where people are discussing their successes (**cough** College Confidential & TGID **cough**) Anger is usually prompted by seeing other, in your eyes “undeserving” candidates get in to that school. This is the first experience where things aren’t always explainable. Each college is trying to build a “class-mix” – perhaps they had too many people with your profile, perhaps they had too many people for that major, perhaps, you really weren’t good enough.

Bargaining –


This is when you start drafting that begging email to the university that waitlisted you. Something along the lines of “I love you, please take me!” STOP. Do not beg. Do not stalk. Do not send them twenty emails in two days and call incessantly. Take control.

Be eager and creative, but not scary or desperate. What do you really need to do? Write one, maybe two well-written letters updating the college about your achievements and explaining why you should still be admitted. A letter from your counsellor / principal / teacher / supervisor also may help (ONE LETTER, NOT ONE FROM ALL OF THEM). Think about giving them a call or requesting for an interview to express your interest (may not work). Think about visiting (but have a plan for what the visit means). Don’t do something stupid.

Depression –

Waitlist - pain

You may be miserable, you may wallow for a while and that is ok. You worked hard, and admissions kicked your butt. Be sad for a day. Indulge in the chocolate / ice-cream / sad movie binge fest for a weekend. But remember, your life ISN’T OVER!! This is not a rejection, this is a maybe. So buck up!

Acceptance –

Waitlist - Acceptance

Warning, pun approaching. ACCEPT your situation and ACCEPT one school that you want to go to! Wait for the waitlist but realize, you got into college and that is pretty great.