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What to do if you are on a college waitlist?

As a student, if you await a college admission decision, being stuck on the waitlist can be quite an ordeal. While it can be an emotionally rocky time, it is also a crucial period to re-strategize. College Waitlist is a list of candidates whose applications are reviewed by the college but are put on a […]

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Rejected: Class of 2021

Apr 1st, 2017. You wish someone would jump out and yell “April Fools Day!!!!” but they didn’t. #IvyDay has come and gone. Your dream school has crushed those elaborate castles of whimsy you had built in your head about your lives together. And life plain SUCKS. Like SUCKS!! They built you up with posts saying […]

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Do Colleges Rescind Your Admissions?

IB exams JUST ended and ISC Board results are already out! While we eagerly await the CBSE Board results at the end of this month, you begin to wonder, “Were your exams good enough?” After working like a crazy person in high school, taking the SAT’s / ACT’s and finally receiving your college acceptance letter, […]

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Waitlist Limbo

So, you got waitlisted. There is a special feeling of overwhelming frustration that descends upon the students that are stuck in admissions purgatory (waitlisted), so here are a few do’s and don’ts to get yourself off the waitlist. To make things more interesting, lets examine how you should approach the 5 Stages of Waitlist Grief. Denial […]

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