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Insider’s Guide to Admissions: Standardized Tests

SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, APs, AHH! No that last one wasn’t an acronym but it was an attempt at capturing the frustration and confusion students experience as they go through the complicated and sometimes overwhelming process of applying abroad. This Insider’s Guide to Admissions is here to give you guidance and direction. This particular article […]

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Should you give the PSAT?

Say you’re in the Ninth or Tenth grade, and you have your sights set on the United States of America as your intended college destination. You have all the plans to get yourself ready for the mad rush of Grade 12. The timeline has been set and you are working your way up, taking one […]

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New SAT Concordance Tables Are Out!

See below for a snapshot. For greater detail, check out the College Board page here. CONCORDANCE TABLE New SAT Total Score (400-1600) Old SAT Total Score (600-2400) ACT Composite Score 1600 2390 36 1590 2370 35 1580 2350 35 1570 2330 35 1560 2300 35 1550 2280 34 1540 2260 34 1530 2230 34 1520 […]

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