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Alumni Spotlight – Anav Vedi

Anav Vedi, currently working as an Associate at Invest India, graduated from Duke University with a double major in Economics and Psychology, along with a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a minor in English. Here is a glimpse into his college experience:  Why study abroad? “The US education landscape and its remarkable liberal arts […]

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April is for Admissions not just April Fools Day

March was nerve wracking enough – late nights scanning forums waiting for decisions to come through, early mornings discussing results with your parents. Plus you had exams and everything else. Butnow it’s April and all your admissions decisions have finally arrived! After months of waiting, they are here! So what is next. Well, there are […]

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Rejected: Class of 2021

Apr 1st, 2017. You wish someone would jump out and yell “April Fools Day!!!!” but they didn’t. #IvyDay has come and gone. Your dream school has crushed those elaborate castles of whimsy you had built in your head about your lives together. And life plain SUCKS. Like SUCKS!! They built you up with posts saying […]

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Summer School? But its not even Spring!!

While winter is barely over, and Grade 12 students are in the midst of exams and preparation, it’s time to think of Summer Schools for students in Grade 9, 10 and 11! You may think college applications are long off but unfortunately, time goes by faster than you think. Every year we get lots of […]

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What should you do when deferred?

When applying to colleges in the early round – Early Decision or Early Action, there are three possible outcomes: – Accepted – Yay! – Rejected – 🙁 – Deferred – ? I think a deferral notification can feel mildly traumatic – “This must mean I won’t get accepted anywhere!”  So lets explain what is going […]

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