Applying for education abroad is never easy, especially for international students. However, the application procedure for me has been a piece of cake thanks to the guidance and help of Urvashi Ma’am. Whether it be editing essays, preparing college lists and timelines or even asking general questions, her help has been invaluable. Her calm persona helped allay my fears from day 1 and still continue to do so. Conversations either via mail or telephone and her prompt and efficient responses are something I will dearly cherish and miss. Thanks to her, I managed to get into Duke, which has always been a dream for me. 

I recommend her easily for any student who’s aspirations lie abroad and it has been a pleasure working with you Ma’am.

Udit Agarwal, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
Duke University, Class of 2016

Aditya Garg

It was a real delight to work under Urvashi Maam’s guidance during this crucial and life changing college selection process. Hats off to you and your team who made great list of universities based on my potential and my probability of admission to various universities. I think five admissions out of eight applications was awesome. Your quick and efficient response to every essay prompt was also admirable and needs a special mention. Thanks for making this process so easy. Perhaps I will keep coming back to you whenever i would need counseling.

Aditya Garg, Amity International School
GeorgiaTech, Class of 2016

Rishab Khemka

Working with Urvashi maam was a great experience. I was very comfortable and didn’t have to think twice before calling ma’am for help. I couldn’t have finished all my applications on time if it wasn’t for ma’ams constant reminders. Thank you so much.

Rishab Khemka, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2016

Karan Magu

JULY 2012: I was a naïve high school senior, preparing myself to traverse the road towards my dream colleges. A huge mountain of nerve racking SATs, irksome essays and tedious application forms stood in my way! Fortunately, it was at this juncture in the college admissions process that I was introduced to CollegeCore and to the able guidance of Urvashi Ma’am. From that point onward, my whole perception of this ‘mountain’ of college apps changed from that of an ‘insurmountable hike’ to one of a ‘comfortable cakewalk’!! The prompt email replies, the useful advice on the phone and on Skype and the timely and frequent meetings with ma’am gave me an impression that I was not one of many students, but rather the only beneficiary of her guidance. Things felt streamlined and organized. By motivating me to stay ahead of schedule and helping me troubleshoot the most innocent or abstract of queries CollegeCore allowed me to perceive applications as an important, yet distinct and non-intrusive part of my hectic grade 12 workload .The assistance with essays and interview scheduling was also greatly appreciated. All the efforts put in by CollegCore bore fruit this March, when I got acceptances from my top dream colleges. A BIG “THANK YOU”, Urvashi Ma’am!!

Karan Magu, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
New York University, Stern Business School, Class of 2017

Samed Jain, Head Boy

“CollegeCore” was quite new to me when I initially thought of applying for a undergraduate course to the US. From my first conversation with Urvashi Ma’am back in early 2012 to right now, I have had no regrets. In fact, I am very grateful to her guidance and support throughout. I can recall numerous instances when a question would pop into my head, I would just pick up the phone to call Ma’am and she would clear my doubts in no time. An open relationship is essential between a counselor and a student, and Urvashi Ma’am makes sure to establish that. My experience with CollegeCore was wonderful -scary at times when I did not meet the deadlines, yet rewarding when I got into the college of my dreams. Thank you Urvashi Ma’am.

Samed Jain, Head Boy, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2017

Adyut Khazanchi

Applying abroad is a strenuous task, especially with all the studying of class 12. But Urvashi Ma’am helped streamline my application, hugely simplifying the various tasks one has to complete. Clueless about most colleges abroad, Urvashi Ma’am was extremely helpful in drafting a university list, having a wide knowledge on all colleges.

Despite the fact that I started last minute, the prompt responses and helpful tips of Urvashi ma’am helped me complete the process in time. Without her help, I would surely have gotten lost in the confusing process. Thank You Ma’am.

Adyut Khazanchi, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
Northwestern University, Class of 2017

Kopal Goyal

The process of International Admissions can be a challenging task. College Core helped me channelize efforts and made the process simpler. Urvashi Ma’m was always there to guide through every minute decision in the entire process. Her keen interests and faith in my abilities motivated me. It was easy to discuss any questions with the counselors. Help was readily available whenever needed and College Core services were always quality in nature. I strongly value my association with College Core and highly recommend it to all the students aspiring for higher education abroad.

Kopal Goyal, DPS, RK Puram
UPenn, Wharton Business School, Class of 2016

Jatin Raheja

I decided to apply to the U.S. in grade 11. After meeting with a few counsellors, I found CollegeCore by far the best choice.

Urvashi Ma’am was very helpful all along the way. She helped me choose and select my college list. Writing essays was the most worrysome part of my application and I was very happy with the help I received. She helped me write the essays and the editors did a tremendous job with them too!

Since I got into my Dream College (UCB) I am very happy with the end result

Go Bears!!!!!!

Jatin Raheja, DPS, RK Puram
University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2017