Asavari Sharma

When I first started out with the entire process, the most daunting aspect of it seemed to be the shortlisting of colleges and actually finding the ones that were “me”. CollegeCore played their part here to make this concern a negligible one for me with the master table of colleges/universities that they formulated on the basis of my profile and preferences. This helped me clearly evaluate where I stood and what measures I needed to take to make it to each of those schools.

Every and any question I had throughout the process was addressed to my satisfaction either through a phone call or a text or an email or a Skype session. I also remember a particular Skype session with Urvashi Ma’am a day before one of my first interviews. She took a mock interview for me and also sent across a list of all possible questions and topics of discussion that can arise via email.

Other than that, Urvashi Ma’am and the team are extremely kind and really care about their students. They are gentle and firm all at the same time and are always striving to bring the best out of their students.

Asavari Sharma, The Shri Ram School, Moulsari
Sarah Lawrence University, Class of 2020

Before working with CollegeCore, I had no idea about the application process. Urvashi ma’am was very accessible and is always ready to guide me. From editing essays to small doubts, CollegeCore has always been brilliant with their work. I still remember ma’am calling me to her house on a Sunday to help me since the deadline was approaching. I’m glad I chose CollegeCore.

Maahin Puri, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
Duke University, Class of 2020

While working with college core I always felt a sense of trust and confidence that Rohan will be provided the best guidance ever. And that was exactly true. Urvashi provided expert guidance starting from initial meetings right through the end of the process where admissions results were declared. The team was always accessible, responsive, kind, effective and above all is extremely knowledgeable in their work. What I experienced is that they completely treated Rohan’s admission process as their own. Their sense of oneness with their students and their expertise in their field is their USP. God bless Urvashi, Disha and the team. I am so glad we chose CollegeCore.

With lots of love, a very Happy Parent.

Amrita Kapoor, Mother of Rohan Kapoor
USC, Class of 2020

Manasvi Verma

The admission process is undoubtedly tedious and seems to be quite daunting at first but with CollegeCore’s step by step guidance, I think I sailed through with few scars. Initially I was quite clueless about what to write for my CommonApp essay but post the brainstorming session with Urvashi ma’am, ideas just seemed to flow and I’ve got to give credit to her amazing knack for understanding her students. I would also like to thank editors whose feedback on my essays was invaluable. Thank you CollegeCore!

Manasvi Verma, Mother's International School
Washington University, St. Louis, Class of 2020

Karan Newatia

To a procrastinator like myself, the entire application process seems overwhelming and daunting. Thanks to the constant support and guidance provided by the entire CollegeCore team, I was able to complete my application in time and get into my dream colleges.

The essay brainstorming session was the best because it gave me a plethora of ideas for my essays. Also, the response time of the feedback provided by the editing team left me dumbstruck. Urvashi ma’am motivated me at each stage and cleared even the most trivial doubts I had. As a student in boarding school without having my parents to support me, I truly got into my dream college is proof enough that the CollegeCore team is amazing and dedicated. I earnestly recommend it to anyone interested in applying abroad.

Karan Newatia, DPS, RK Puram
Cornell University, Class of 2020

Shankar Salwan

Before joining CollegeCore, I felt the application process was a mechanical processes- start an application, write essays and submit. When I signed up with CollegeCore, this process was not mechanical at all, it became a process for me to introspect. I was never a good writer and I still believe I’m not the best, but working on my essays with CollegeCore made the process enjoyable. I found a new me through the various edits and brainstorming sessions. My admissions would’ve been a complete disaster without having the CollegeCore team behind me during the applications process. While my admissions in the end weren’t what I expected, I escaped the treacherous task of making a decision between many colleges and got one that I feel is the best fit for me. If I could give CollegeCore a slogan it would be: “Anytime and with a smile, the most effective help a student will ever get.”

Shankar Salwan, Vasant Valley School
Northwestern University, Class of 2020

Anahita Sehgal

I felt at ease working with CollegeCore; the US admissions is a process that is intimidating to say the least. Urvashi Ma’am, Disha and Piyali helped me sail through the tests, the apps, the essays, the unavoidable problems and most importantly my anxiety.

I remember sitting in the office trying to mould my Common App Essay to somehow make it hit. I had the content but the structure was shaky. Urvashi ma’am had told me to take a break, I went downstairs to get a brownie I would share with Charu, and somehow with that Brownie came the essay epiphany too.

In my opinion, what is unique about CollegeCore is the bond they form with the student. I remember somewhere midway in the process, I began trusting their instincts over my own. I saw Urvashi ma’am as my life guard and Piyali as my go-to person. Applications come at a stage of school life where everything seems overwhelming; CollegeCore helps you sail your boat and reach to the shore safely.

Anahita Sehgal, Step by Step School
University of California, Los Angeles, Class of 2020

Arushi Kucchal

Before working with CollegeCore, I was extremely dubious and apprehensive about the application process. I had no concrete idea of what I was doing and CollegeCore helped me figure out exactly that.

In the midst of a tightly-packed boarding school schedule and lack of communication means, it was very essential for me to have access to an organized guidance program and that is exactly what I received from Mrs. Urvashi Malik and her team.

I would like to give a special shout-out to Ms. Disha Malik, who very patiently and methodically read my million essay drafts, be it in the middle of the night. Both Ms. Charu and Ms. Harleen were extremely efficient and made sure that my resumes and letters of recommendation were updated.

From filling my CommonApp to finally choosing my future college, they were there through it all. I am very grateful to CollegeCore!

Arushi Kucchal, Welham Girls’ School
University of Michigan, Class of 2020