Kaartik Issar

The College Core team was very systematic and helped me structure a plan that ensured I get into a top institution. CollegeCore analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of every applicant and chalks out a customised plan. They helped me bring out the best in myself and assisted me to put up a strong profile. 

A wow moment would be how quick the editors would get back to me with the edits and their insight on my application.

Kaartik Issar, Springdales School
Georgia Institute of Technology, Class of 2024

Shourya Aggarwal

College Core provides a consortium of skilled guidance and motivation to make dreams come true. I am deeply grateful for their timely advice and patient handholding that always reduced the pressure as the deadlines approached. Their extremely professional and yet personalised working style, makes the student feel at home, allowing them to find recluse in times of excruciating workload. Personally, I found essay editing and availability to be their strongholds which made me always feel at home through my journey of two years with them. 

My Wow moment happened when Urvarshi Ma’am supported my inclination towards Liberal Arts despite my parents initial disapproval. She went at great lengths to explain them how enriching liberal arts education can be, enabling me to pursue the course of my choice.

Shourya Aggarwal, The Doon School

Advaya Gulati

The individualised attention that CollegeCore gives to all its students is simply unparalleled. CollegeCore guides you through every step of the tedious College Application Process and treats you like family. From the long essay brainstorming sessions to the last minute panic calls at ungodly hours, Urvashi Ma’am and Anu Ma’am were there for me throughout this journey.
It is only because of CollegeCore that I was able to secure admission in highly selective US colleges such as Pomona College, UC Berkeley, USC and more!

A couple of ‘Wow’ moments I’ve had with CollegeCore over the past year are:
1. I was very anxious about getting the Excellence Award at my school. Anu Ma’am always believed in me and checked up on me till I got the award.
2. CollegeCore’s persistence to make their students finish their work whether it be filling the CommonApp Activity section or submitting essays before the deadline.

Advaya Gulati, Vasant Valley School
University of Southern California, Class of 2024

Samhita Gopal Rao

The process of applying to colleges in the United States is actually a very daunting one when it is approached with a lack of clarity and assistance. For me, it was especially challenging due to a gap year in the middle of my academic record and because I came from a high school with no prior experience of the same. CollegeCore helped me understand the process clearly from day 1 by preparing a calendar about what each month would entail and enlisting all deadlines. They presented me with advice on what tests to take up, even connecting me to a few tutors in case I needed extra help.
Both Urvashi ma’am and Charu ma’am were constantly updated on my progress and they regularly kept in touch to check up on essay progress, research work and helped me build on my profile. They were very approachable and made a huge difference in my college application process. They connected me to the Next Genius Foundation which has allowed me to pursue my education with a scholarship just as I was aiming to. The best part about this process is how they guide students through an admissions process that is tailor-made to fit each student’s needs, goals, achievements and academic history.

Samhita Gopal Rao, Mysore Public School,
Knox College, Class of 2024

Saksham Malik

I discovered a lot about myself and my interests and goals while working with Urvashi Ma’am and her team. The entire application process gave me the time to introspect and discover my own self. I believe the editors at Collegecore are amazing especially Smita Ma’am. She has the ability to cut down a 1000 word essay by half and still make it sound better than what we write.

Saksham Malik, Amity International School
GeorgiaTech, Class of 2024

Aryan Sarda

It was a fabulous experience working with College Core. Right from the very first meeting, they were extremely organised and clearly laid out a pathway for me to follow. The best part about working with them was how approachable they were; I could always pick up the phone and give Urvashi ma’am a call, no matter how trivial my doubt. They were extremely helpful during the entire process and have excellent advise- so just listen to whatever they say. They were also extremely hands-on when it came to fill up the Common App and write the essays. Really couldn’t have done it without them and I just want to thank them for all their help and guidance. Special thanks to Urvashi ma’am and Simerna ma’am who have completely held my hand through the entire process and every other member of the team! 

Aryan Sarda, Modern School, Barakhamba Road
Stern Business School, Class of 2024

Siona Ahuja

The attention to detail and answering every query, be it insignificant or important, and quelling my worries was something that I could only find at CollegeCore. I loved friendly approach taken by all the counsellors and the welcoming atmosphere of the entire centre !

Siona Ahuja, Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram
Mount Holyoke College, Class of 2024

Kriti Ghai

I come from a relatively small town, yet College Core helped me make the most of the opportunities I could find here and even inspired me to make some of my own! I think they helped me in achieving my goals by being a constant source of motivation and guidance !


I think the entire process was a Wow moment but one specific moment would definitely have to be when we were brainstorming about my Why Major Essay, I was blown away by the attention to detail of College Core to make sure I got into my dream university !

Kriti Ghai, La Martiniere Girls College
Boston University, Class of 2024